Dennis blocking Red Bull Honda reality

The drama over Red Bull Racing’s engine supply issues in 2016 continue as the diligent Mr. Noble reveals at Motorsport. It seems that while Ferrari and Mercedes are not keen to provide the team an engine, Honda may be but concerns from McLaren boss, Ron Dennis, are spoiling the marriage. “If anyone has any reason that this marriage should not,,,you get the picture”.

Here’s the fact, Renault and RBR may have a hard time healing their marriage with the French engine maker saying it would it would not be received well at the board level. Then Mercedes and Ferrari are apparently not too keen on giving Adrian Newey one of their engines. Certainly not a current spec version.

This leaves Honda and to be honest, the Japanese engine maker could use another team to help them develop their racing program given the struggles McLaren have had this year with all the talk of culture clashes etc. So what is F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone saying to Mr. Noble?

“The honest answer at the moment it would appear that Honda are happy to give them an engine and Mr Dennis thinks they shouldn’t,” said Ecclestone.

“Although Honda have got an agreement with the FIA and myself that they would allow them into F1 to supply to engines to one team for first year, two teams second and three teams the third.

“And they somehow got involved and made a commitment to Ron that he had a veto on any engines, and he doesn’t want Red Bull.

“He doesn’t want them. I think he believes they may be competitors.”

The fact is, they very well would be competition and possible would out-spend McLaren in the process. This is doubly tough as Mr. Dennis recently lost his Mercedes relationship (I’d argue that happened in 2008-9 with Brawn GP) and he surely doesn’t want to lose his exclusivity with Honda.

If you’re Honda, why would you give Dennis veto over anything in your racing program? That doesn’t make sense does it? Surely Honda knows the only people he wouldn’t veto is McLaren and possibly Manor. Odd that.

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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Tom Firth

I know it’s wet and we have been waiting for qualifying a long time Todd but I didn’t think it was 23016 yet ;-)

On the other note, I can see Ron Dennis point, when Honda made it clear that the focus would only be on Mclaren in ’16, especially as seem to have enough problems supplying one team with competitive machinery.

Bogdan Popa

Mclaren and Redbull with Honda power in 2016 would be a really good news for Manor and Haase because they won’t be last in the championship.


Great Scott!!!!! It is the year 23016

Negative Camber

LOL…I’m working on the run and typos are my friend. :) Come to think about it, that might be my room number. :)


Dennis is a great cast for the bad guy if RB quits. I still think it’s ridiculous that manufacturers are invited to take part without requiring them to provide a given number of customer engines if they’re asked for. In a sport that consists of a majority of non-manufacturer teams. It’s just ridiculous. That means that you invite non-manufacturer teams saying “Yeah you can take part and invest hundreds of millions, but we don’t garantee that you can acquire an engine to then make your race cars go.”

Andreas Möller

The regulations are simply not set up for a situation where there’s not enough engines to go around. In fact, they are geared towards limiting the number of teams an engine manufacturer can provide – if a “major car manufacturer” wants to provide engines to more than three teams, they need the FIA to consent to that. But there’s nothing there force a manufacturer to supply more than one team. I suppose those regulations were written on the assumption that there will always be a private Cosworth-type option available to pick up any slack, and the regs are there to… Read more »


Ron……. be afraid very afraid. Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep………….


At the end of the day…. Red bull is at fault as they left without a plan a, b & c….


It certainly looks like they have painted themselves into a corner. To have severed the contract with Renault without having confirmed a competitive replacement looks like the kind of bad impetuous decisions you’d only make if your brain was fried by an overdose of cafinated sugary drinks…….. RBR themselves have said previously that you’re not going to win in F1 unless you are the primary team for a power unit supplier. So having done all the hard work to get Honda back into F1, Ron would be crazy to agree to Honda supplying RBR (and STR), when they have the… Read more »

Paul KieferJr

I’m guessing that Ron Dennis is afraid of a little competition. :-D But, that aside….


I’m a huge fan of team principles and owners that know how to win, Ron Dennis is a fav, but regarding sharing the Honda I think he has things wrong. Honda is like a fly that lays its eggs inside a host body leaving the larva to feed off the host then kill it as they mature and fly away. McLaren should defiantly share their Honda xenomorph engine with others, lots of others. Most people envision the best version of F1 as a race series where the cars are more or less equal and the driver makes all the difference.… Read more »


Whilst Red Bull had a nasty breakup, I don’t see them as deserving to be left out in the cold.
F1 isn’t doing itself any favours of the grid shrinks and loses 6 cars (Lotus included, since they also have no engines.)
I doubt Honda will be competitive and Rom isn’t doing himself any favours by having a veto.
This could cause two teams to leave and possible force two world champions into early retirement.


I’ve never been a Red Bull fan, so take what I say as you will, but I have no sympathy for Red Bull. This is what you get when you burn bridges. This is what you get when you throw tantrums. Instead of truly finding a way to work with Renault on a long term solution, they threw their toys out of the pram. And now they complain that they have no more toys and no one will give them any.

They burned their bed, and now they have to sleep on the floor. Cry me a river.

Junipero Mariano

I wonder if all this independent engine talk is Bernie and Jean scrambling to get something, anything into the back of the Red Bull cars for next season. If anybody would be willing to spend the money in the compressed schedule, it’d be them.


I don’t see this as being much different from the Ferrari or Mercedes engine stories, other than Ron at McLaren not Honda having the say. Ferrari and Mercedes both were reluctant to hand over engines for the same reasons as McLaren. In Honda’s own interests they may have messed up and agreed to give that power to Mclaren because McLaren most likely negotiated for it when talks to being Honda back began. Ron has stated that he wanted a dedicated engine supplier for his team that can focus on his teams effort foremost. I agree that this whole situation sucks… Read more »


Ron is definitely wrong on this one, giving red Bull a Honda would ensure one of the major competitors will be less competitive next year. Best give that magic 8 ball another shake, Ron. Should we give red Bull a honda? All signs point to Yes.

Joe Mama

There’s a really simple solution here: the FIA simply needs to declare Adrian Newey an unfair advantage. He is unsharable technology that tilts the playing field in favor of Red Bull. Isn’t that exactly what the powers that be are constantly trying to ferret out?

charlie white

Ron Dennis would be a great James Bond villain.