Dennis: Ok, you’re right, Alonso has concussion, my bad

One of the oddities over the Fernando Alonso testing crash has been McLaren’s commentary post-incident. Any company wants to get out ahead of a controversy and direct the narrative but McLaren seemed to only confuse the matter leaving the F1 press slightly bewildered and fans speculating even more about the incident.

McLaren boss Ron Dennis spoke to the press and said that Alonso had no injuries when other reports had the Spaniard concussed from the accident and suffering from temporary memory loss. This only added to the conspiracy of a coverup and now Dennis has set the record straight that he may not have had his facts right telling the Telegraph:

“It was not the best performance by me. I understand why the press beat me up for being inaccurate. I wanted to be open honest. I failed. But it is my objective to try to be as honest as possible in future.

“There are a lot of complexities about concussion. It is difficult to quantify, and it goes beyond my area of expertise. It is not my decision. But as far as I know Fernando will be in Malaysia. I have every reason to believe he will be there.

“I spoke to him on the way over here. He wants to race there. I hope he does, but it is his decision, not mine.

“We have a mountain to climb and we are in the process of climbing that mountain. We will get to where we want to be.”

Ok, Dennis isn’t a doctor. I think we can all agree on that and maybe he was partially befuddled as to what exactly was wrong, if anything, with Alonso. Then again, I think most knew that he had suffered some sort of knock the head. Irrespective, I’ll give Dennis the benefit of the doubt but it seems it would have been easier to simply follow the advice I gave the team when it happened. Get out in front of the situation and do one thing…tell the truth. no matter how dodgy it is, you can manage the truth. What gets complicated is managing slight of hand and evasive commentary.

In the end, I hope Alonso is better and can make the race in Malaysia but I would much rather see him take time and make sure he has completely recovered. The team have already conceded the flyaway races as a period of difficulty and real progress wouldn’t really happen until they get back to Europe for the Spanish Grand Prix. No rush, just need a healthy Alonso to help this team get back to winning in F1.

Hat Tip: Telegraph

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