Dennis to announce future plans


Ron Dennis
Autosport is reporting that Ron Dennis, McLaren boss, will hold a press conference tomorrow to announce his future plans with the company. This amidst the controversy surrounding the team and its actions during the Australian Grand Prix which saw the sacking of long-time Race Engineer Dave Ryan and an extraordinary press conference held by Lewis Hamilton to offer his mea culpa in the deliberate misleading of race stewards.

The sacking of Dave Ryan may just be a political move as it has relived him of attending the upcoming World Motor Sport council hearing in which McLaren are to face charges of bringing the sport in to disrepute. Since Dave ryan is no longer associate with McLaren or the sport, he is not obligated to attend the hearing.

Continuing the conspiracy theory, Ron Dennis could be setting the stage to suggest that it was his call all along and not that of Martin Whitmarsh, Lewis Hamilton or Dave Ryan. This would would exonerate, internally at least, Lewis, Martin and Dave of being the prime mover of the lie and suggest that they were following Ron’s instruction as the CEO of the company. The proverbial ‘jumping on the grenade’ if you will.

That’s all supposition on my part but it is an odd time to be announcing to the world your exciting new adventure as the head of the road car division amidst such turmoil. The ‘lying incident’ and this press conference is no coincidence and I submit that Ron is going to fall on the sword to keep the F1 team salient in the world championship and attempt to mitigate any possible penalties like multi-race bans or a complete championship ban for 2009. That’s my hunch but my crystal ball works as well as yours.

Dennis, who relinquished the team principal role to Martin Whitmarsh on March 1, is to hold a press conference at McLaren’s Woking headquarters to reveal plans for the automotive section of his company.

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