Di Resta confirms Anthony Hamilton split

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Paul di Resta has confirmed today that he is no longer working with Anthony Hamilton in a management role. The Force India driver told the press in today’s FIA press conference:

“I think everything’s been said that had to be said. I’ll confirm we’re not working together,”

It was reported by the Daily Telegraph that the split was not planned and that relations between the two are sensitive but when pressed for further details, di Resta said:

“I think it’s been reported that we’re no longer working together and that is the matter at the moment.”

Anthony Hamilton sprang into the Formula One scene with a very talented young man in tow who happened to be his son, Lewis Hamilton. Lewis has since gone on to great things in teh sport having won the championship but like di Rresta, Hamilton parted ways with his own father as his manager and acquired the services of Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment.

Anthony Hamilton became embedded in the Formula 1 machine and has been trying to grow his driver management business in the process.

If there were a case study on how to manage a career in F1 without a manager, di Resta need only to look at dual-champion Sebastian Vettel for inspiration. The young German driver has managed his own career and contracts without the oversight of some of the sports biggest players in athlete management.



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