Did Brazil play a role in Petrov’s Caterham seat?

With the continuing changes at Caterham F1, the question of the remaining seat is still up in the air. Vitaly Petrov’s performance in Brazil helped the team secure 10th in the Constructor’s Championship and it was worth millions. Was it enough to secure him a seat for 2013?

According to Russian news, Turun Sanomat, Vitaly is positive about his prospects based upon the positive cash-flow he generated for the team. Do you think Vitaly is the right fit for Caterham? Should he retain his seat even if he has less sponsorship backing in 2013 to bring to the table?

If you were a numbers person, you could also hang your hat on the fact that Vitaly placed 19th in the Driver’s Championship while his teammate, Hekki Kovalainen, finished 22nd. That’s got to be a positive thing right?

There is another looming event that could also play a key role in retaining Petrov at Caterham or another team and that’s the upcoming Russian Grand Prix in Sochi. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone would be keen to help his newest race set for 2014 get off to a good start witha  Russian driver at the wheel of a car. IF Ecclestone has anything to do with it, you can bet Petrov will hold a seat for 2014 and perhaps his result in Brazil will help Caterham see the light as well.

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