Whether he deliberately stopped or not; I watched the replay many times on Tivo and have come to this conclusion. Given the benefit of the doubt and allowing for driver mistake as the cause; I would also be leery of just backing up given the onslaught of traffic he knew was coming into a blind corner hot. Not a very good idea. The stewards removed his times but I would be interested in knowing if they took their time and let everyone cool down a bit before making an emotionally charged decision at the working end of Flavio’s unhinged behavior and anti-Ferrari rant.

On the other hand if he deliberately stopped; then he paid dearly for the incident and will probably loose an 8th over something like this. Only he and God know but JV’s comments lack the decorum and maturity that Michael’s action are being accused of.

No one knows the data and what really happened. He was fast in the first and second sector but who knows if he would have improved his time or who knows if Alonso would have made the last sector in record time? It is hard to know.

In the end I have to give some credit to the fact that MS knows about the impeding rule and I really can’t imagine him taking the risk on a stunt like that knowing the possibilities. Even in Alonso had ended P1 and MS was P2; he knows he has as good of chance to finish first as anyone. I really can’t imagine this kind of stunt given the fact that he was going to be on the front row irrespective. JMO.

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