Diffuser Debate

Toyota Diffuser
Craig at Autosport does a really good job of explaining the diffuser debate that is currently under way in F1. It seems the regulations were just clear enough to bring us this debacle. You can’t blame the teams for pushing the limits if the regulations aren’t clear enough.

Wither way, Craig will explain just about everything you need to know about diffusers. So who has it right and who is pushing too far?

Teams often approach the FIA during the design process to clarify whether their interpretations of grey areas are within the regulations, although in this instance sources have informed autosport.com that neither Williams nor Toyota submitted their design to the governing body – although Toyota are believed to have exchanged correspondence with the governing body regarding diffusers.

Interestingly, FIA sources have revealed that a diffuser design related to the current intrigue has been approved – although it has not been confirmed whether this is one used by Williams or Toyota.

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