Dignity. Can it be restored?

Max Mosley, FIA President, has told British law makers on Tuesday that the country needs new privacy laws to protect the individual from the sort of thing he has gone through. You may recall the exposure of his sadomasochistic “German-themed” sex party last year as revealed by New of the World. In light of this revelation, Max Mosley has battled News of the World and publications in Europe over publishing photos of him without his consent.

In his presentation to law makers Max said:

“If someone takes away your dignity, you will never replace it.”

So is Max still worthy? Honored or esteemed? Can he be restored to a level of respect within F1 and retain an inviolable position as the head of the FIA which is the regulating body that renders judgment on technical, safety and moral as well as ethical behavior in the sport?

When the vessel of judgment for a sport has been exposed and considered wanting in the area of dignity; what effect does that really have on the sport and recognition of the governing body? Max is considering standing in for another term as the FIA President this year and while he politically will garner the votes needed to retain the seat (without a clear alternative) are we seeking to redeem Max and his dignity or is he the “evil we know”?

Redemption is something we, as dignified humans, all seek at some level and Max is no different. His exalted position and political power were intoxicating and his actions most humiliating to that position and power. But in the end, have we all just moved on and restored Max’s dignity and power or are we just tolerating Max’s continued prattling on about his role and F1? The advent of FOTA seems to be the answer in my opinion.

Redemption can be achieved and dignity restored but there are consequences of actions and while his dignity may never be restored with his peers in F1; there are alternatives outside F1 and hopefully that starts with his wife.

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