Do you know this man? Max does.

Well after all this time we thought it was Africa that pushed Max over the top and come to find out this man, Mohammad Bin Sulayem, controlled 41 of the votes Max needed to survive the vote of confidence.Isn’t that convenient considering that the ADAC and AAA had only two votes between them. Odd that.

Also odd that this was a “terrorist attack” on Max. Seems a bit melodramatic doesn’t it? After all, this is only racing right? The only attack I can think of was on Max’s bum and from the looks of it; he’ll be missing it as it has been sold to the UAE motoring club in return for their 41 votes. Nice job Max. You’re no different than the women you hired my beleaguered and politically astute worker of people. People…you know, the capital that drives your dreams.

“Yes, you are right. I had got him so many votes” Sulayem, also a successful rally driver, said in an interview with Gulf News. “Yes, I made the difference. I don’t deny it !”

Sulayem is unashamedly a staunch Mosley supporter, and has referred to the sex scandal as a “terrorist attack on his personal life.”

“If anyone can convince me that he has done wrong to motor sport or during his tenure his decisions have hurt formula one or rallying then we have a case. But not over his personal and private affairs” he said.

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