Does Anyone Speak Italian?


Apparently the statement this week by the Italian authorities suggesting they recovered new evidence implicating top McLaren management (after the search of their homes) has been all a misunderstanding.

In an Autosport article by the ever-efficient Jonathan Noble, the Italian authorities have clarified their statements so there is no ambiguity. Having perused the article, I do find the final statement interesting. Tibis said that they had very good reason for being there and taking the information they took. While others are wishing this would just end as McLaren have admitted to wrong doing; I don’t think it can. This is a criminal/legal investigation and please remember that Nigel’s arse is on the line here. He still claims that he did not give the info to Coughlan. If Nige is to be taken at his word, then what did happen. A legal investigation will try to solve that issue and others concerning the case.

While you may be getting tired of the Stepneygate, I think we have a long ways to go.

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Thanks, V-ate. I needed that “clarified.”

But I am bothered by the fact that Negative Camper didn’t offer any solutions. And everyone knows that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Tell us, Mr. Crammer, have you been contacted by the Italian authorities?

Negative Camber

I am tight with Italian authorities. I also have a vat of white powder that I take to races and spread out over the fuel cap of cars I am blackmailing.

BTW, V8 is a trackback link. Might want to google that before slamming him. ;)