Does latest Schumi statement suggest he’s too relaxed?

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Mercedes’ Michael Schumacher has a new statement previewing the Canadian Grand Prix* at his official site, and one line of it strikes me as particularly telling.

But we’ll let y’all be the judges:

Canada is definitely one of the places in the F1 calendar where everybody is keen to go to, me included. I have always had nice weekends there, and I have always enjoyed flying over to North America. Again, I will combine this trip with some days off, and I am sure once I will enter the paddock I will be very much looking forward to starting the race weekend. The circuit in Montreal clearly is about top speed, so we have worked very hard on that areas, especially as we know we are not top here. I am convinced though that we will be able to get the best out of our package.

Did it jump out at you, too, or has a week of Red Bull coverage put my controversy meter on high?

This here struck me: “Again, I will combine this trip with some days off…”

Come again? Days off?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the seven-time drivers champion Michael Schumacher didn’t take many days off when he was racing those Ferraris.

Now, I know from the outset that a more relaxed schedule has been part of Schumacher’s deal, but…

And I know all drivers get those breaks, but it is the way it’s put and that he highlights it at all that seems curious. At the least, don’t you want your competition to think you’re burning the midnight oil working on perfecting the F-duct?

Plus it sounds like he’s first going on holiday to Montreal. So, oh yeah, why not squeeze a race in, too? Hey! Then he can write the whole thing off.

It seems out of character for the Ferrari Schumacher. For the Mercedes Schumacher? Maybe it is in character.

Maybe it’s just the result of the testing ban.

Does it strike anyone else as odd? You think Nico Rosberg is sneaking in some breaks, too?

*Good news! We’ve actually turned our attention toward Montreal!


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