Does Vandoorne praise signal changes at McLaren in 2017?

Formula 1 Fan favorite Ron Dennis has been speaking to the and this time he’s dog-whistling the impending arrival of one Stoffel Vandoorne. Mr. Dennis, McLaren boss, said:

“His journey to Formula One has been mapped out very carefully, as is always the case with McLaren Young Driver Programme members, and we expect him to be ready in 2017.”

Clearly F1 had to at least ask him if that meant he was parting ways with either Jenson Button or Fernando Alonso to which the perplexing Dennis said:

“Fernando has repeatedly confirmed that he intends to complete the three years of his current contract,” he stated. “And that contract contains no options or performance clauses by the way: it is three years straight.

“As for Jenson, he and I will speak during the course of the year. But he is a world champion, and one of the very best drivers we have ever had. Any team would be delighted to have him on their driving strength. We most definitely are.”

There you have it. Vandoorne will be ready for 2017 and we have no plans on making changes but if there were changes, perhaps one could assume Jenson Button is actually celebrating his final season in F1. That’s not anything the team or Button has said but where else is Vandoorne going to go if Alonso has a three-year deal with no exit clause?

Of course Alonso could leave and then spend a year fighting in court over breach of contract. If Ron has carefully mapped out Stoffel’s career, one would presume he’s carefully mapped out his legal remedies should Alonso bolt for Nico’s seat at Mercedes in 2017.

Hat Tip: F1

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Perhaps Honda will be ready to supply a customer team next year, and Vandoorne could end up driving a Red Bull…

Paul KieferJr

Did it even end from last year? :/

jiji the cat

I was thinking along similar lines.


Vandoorne is McLaren’s boy so I can’t see him going with a Honda P.U package, however Button has a long association with Honda, plus experience of the new Honda P.U….So…… Button to Honda Red Bull?

Paul KieferJr

Sounds like Ron’s ready to let Button go.

Bryan Beecroft

Alonso needs to get fucking mad and leave this shitshow.


Instead of a young driver program designed to groom and bring in new talent McLaren should have an old boss program designed to usher the once-great like Ron Dennis out the door. Maybe a strategic partnership with a funeral home would provide a place a distinguished old man in a dark suit could transition.


Let’s see, new McLaren ‘young gun’ teamed with No1 driver Alonso, Hummmmmm can’t see that working out badly ;-)