Domenicali: 2010 Entry is conditional

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Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has provided details as to FOTA’s entry application last Friday for the 2010 F1 season. The FOTA teams all provided the entry applications for the 2010 season but there is, as revealed here at F1B, some contingencies. The biggest contingency, if you read between Stefano’s lines, is the re-formation of the F1 Commission via a new Concorde Agreement that is to be ratified and signed by June. This will allow teams an opportunity to usher in the FOTA recommendations for the future of the spot and bring much needed relief from the tyrannical regulation changes and leadership of Max Mosley (read third-world dictator) and the FIA.

“It’s very simple,” said Domenicali. “The nine teams – Williams membership having been suspended – that currently make up FOTA, have put in entries for the 2010 championship that will only be valid if the Concorde Agreement is signed and if the regulations will be those currently in use, but modified as per FOTA’s suggestions.

“The action taken yesterday is completely in keeping with Ferrari’s principles, as stated at the Main Board meeting on 12 May and with those of FOTA.”

He emphasised that the decision did not mean that the Formula One Teams’ Association accepted the FIA’s budget cap vision.

“Absolutely not,” said Domenicali. “The request to make the 2009 regulations the starting point, means there will be no budget cap.”

you can read the entire article from the Delphic Oracles of F1 here.

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