Domenicali seeking Parr clarification

Stefano Domenicali
Autosport has an interesting article that is effectively some fallout from the presentations made during the Diffuser hearing of the FIA ICA. Check out the link above and come back here for comments.

It seems that Williams CEO Adam Parr said that if Ferrari feel the Diffuser is illegal based upon the regulations as stated then clearly the cars used for prior titles by Ferrari were outside the regulations as well. Obviously this didn’t sit well with Stefano and he is seeking some clarification from Mr. Parr as to what exactly he meant by these statements.

“During the Court of Appeal hearing I was told that someone said that Ferrari won the championship in the last 10 years with an illegal car,” Domenicali told AUTOSPORT.

“I was quite astonished to hear that. I was surprised that Ross [Brawn] did not try to respond to that either.

“This is something that I want to discuss with Adam, because I think it is something where you need to be responsible about what you are saying.”

But apparently Stefano was not the only one singled out. No surprise that Flavio Briatore would be incandescent at the notion that Renault had similar issues. Such was the case, apparently, as Parr named them as well. Let us hope this will put behind them so we can get on with FOTA.

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