Domenicali to team: If you don’t think we can win, get another job

As we debate whether Stefano Domenicali perhaps is not long for the Formula 1 world, the Ferrari team principal has been busy rallying the troops back in Maranello.

I might quibble with his method of motivation, however:

The Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team principal was very blunt: “Anyone who does not believe that we can win the world championship would do better looking for another job. No one here is giving up: there are still nine races to go and anything can happen. We will have to do our job perfectly, that is to say the Ferrari way and then the results will come.”

As the Ferrari post has it, this is what Domenicali told the team. I guess I’m more inclined to believe that’s just repacked for our enjoyment, but the message is clear. I’m just not sure it’s the best way to get everyone fired up.

Here’s more from the release. Anything in particular strike you?

Although hardly possible, the effort has been further intensified and even the drivers have played their part: they have spent a day each on the simulator in preparation for the Hockenheim race, as well as trying out some solutions for later in the season. Alonso and Massa also took part in various meetings with the engineers to discuss not just the short-term development plan for the car, but also casting an eye forward to what the 2011 car might be like.

Yes, you just read “2011.” Is that a subtle sign of defeat/realism on the part of Maranello?

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