Donington Park says all is well

So the Daily Mail said that Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd had filed its annual report at Companies House showing a loss of £12.4million last year with a total debt ballooning to £66.7 million.

Not so fast says Simon Gillett, Donington Park Boss, there seems to be some issue as they have not released their financials yet. him, the plot thickens.

“Our 2008 financial report has not been filed with Companies House, which leaves me confused as to where certain publications have sourced their ‘facts’ and figures from.

“We have always maintained we will reveal details of our financial package for the grand prix in quarter one of this year.

“True to Donington Park’s belief in delivering on promises, we will make this information available at the end of March.”

It is either some, certain Scottish half-wit stirring up trouble or the same guy who “set-up” Max Mosley…if they aren’t the same person. Sheesh.

As a Yankee, I am not fully briefed on what kind of gent Mr. Gillett is. I don’t know if he has a reputation of being a straight-forward person or a bit of a Madoff but one thing is for sure; someone is making something up.

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