Don’t think, just say it: Who is going to win the F1 titles this year?

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Just as the headline says. Don’t over-think this, don’t scramble to see which races are left and think which car might have an advantage here, which one might be better there.

We’ve got five races to go. The title chases are wide open between five drivers and three teams.

Gut instinct, F1B:

Who wins the drivers’ title? Who claims the constructors’ crown?

(Feel free to say why, but only after you come up with your answers.)

And, sure, I’ll go first:

Mark Webber. I think the tracks are going to play to Red Bull’s advantage and he’s going to hold himself steady. He might only win once more, but he’ll be high in the points at every race.

But McLaren takes the title. I think Lewis Hamilton likely will be a close second in the drivers’ race, and Jenson Button just might surprise us by inching up to third. But it will be close. And Ferrari will narrow the gap — but I think its drivers will steal more points from Red Bull (Sebastian Vettel, in particular).

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed Adrian Sutil can recapture some magic and just squeak past that other German guy he’s right behind.


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