Don’t worry about Grosjean, he’s not worrying

Romain Grosjean isn’t too worried about his completion ration of grands prix in 2012. With six races behind him, he’s finished three. The most reacent DNF was the first-turn debacle at Monaco but the French/Swiss driver isn’t dwelling on it telling the press:

“Trying to put a scooter and a bus into Sainte Devote together is difficult, so four cars side by side is too tight. This is the game. The start is always a crucial moment and sometimes it is a bit tight.

“If you fight at the front then sometimes it is more difficult. I don’t have any problem with that. I haven’t been over-aggressive and crashing into everybody. It’s just unfortunate, I don’t think I have been doing anything silly at the start.”

Coping wiht a 50% finish record in Formula One would reduce some to serious concern but for Grosjean, he’s focused on the positive and ascribes the three DNF’s as just racing. He copes with his just fine “as long as you don’t focus on it. I don’t really care. I prefer to focus on the positives and not the negatives, and I am happy that I am racing at the front with all these world champions.” said Grosjean.

You have to admire his can-do attitude and desire to move forward without dwelling on the past. He knows his incident with Michael Schumacher in Malaysian was his mistake but Australia and Monaco were beyond his control.

While you can be concerned over his race completion ratio, you have to admit that his pace is certainly there and his veteran teammate hasn’t reduced him to a gelatinous mound of nerves. He’s poised and on pace and looking for his first win. With the improved performance, or at least narrowing field amongst the F1 teams, he may very well find the first step of the podium in 2012.

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