Dr. Theissen: Not giving up on 2009

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Two schools of thought here. McLaren have suggested that their time might be better spent on looking into the 2010 challenger at this point given their massive point deficit to the dominant Brawn GP team. BMW, on the other hand, are not about to throw in the towel. That just isn’t in their DNA.

“I’m often asked these days if it wouldn’t be better to simply stop working on the enhancement of the F1.09 and fully focus on our 2010 challenger instead,” Theissen told the official BMW Sauber website.

“But this doesn’t represent an option for us. We won’t give up on the current season – far from it.

“We have increased our development pace and will bring significant improvements for the car to every second or third race from now on. Improvements that will also compromise enhanced versions of the twin diffuser.

“At the end of the season we want to be able to say: ‘We encountered a disappointing start to the season but we succeeded in turning things around and making it back to the front end of the field’.”

You have to love the positive spirit and sticktoitivness those White Knights from Bavaria display in the face of real adversity. Especially since this was the year they were going for the title.


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