Driver moves: Kimi moved the most? Not even close but here’s top 10 who have

With all the talk of drivers moving to Renault—Perez, Hulkenberg, Bottas—as well as Kevin Magnussen staying there and Jolyon Palmer being out of a ride, it made me wonder about the moves we’ve seen in the last several years. Who has moved the most? Is Kimi a good candidate?

No doubt Kimi Raikkonen has been at several teams like Sauber, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and back to Ferrari. Then there’s Fernando Alonso at Minardi, Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and McLaren but who has driven for the most teams? Is Kimi’s job-hopping a record in Formula 1? Not even close…but here who is:

1) Chris Amon 13 teams– Lola, Lotus, Brabham, Cooper, Ferrari, March, Matra, Tecno, Tyrrell, Amon, BRM, Ensign, and Williams

2) Stirling Moss 10 teams (HWM, ERA, Connought, Cooper, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Vanwall, BRM, Lotus and Ferguson

3) Maurice Trintignant 10 teams– Gordini, Ferrari, Vanwall, Bugatti, Cooper, Maserati, BRM, Aston Martin, Lotus, and Lola

4) Stefan Johansson 10 teams– Shadow, Spirit, Tyrrell, Toleman, Ferrari, McLaren, Ligier, Onyx, AGS, and Arrows

5) Andrea De Cesaris 10 teams– Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Ligier, Minardi, Brabham, Rial, Dallara, Jordan, Tyrrell, and Sauber

6) Jacky Ickx 9 teams– Matra, Cooper, Ferrari, Brabham, McLaren, Williams, Lotus, Ensign, and Ligier

7) Eddie Cheever 9 teams– Theodore, Hesketh, Osella, Tyrrell, Ligier, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Lola, and Arrows

8) Roberto Moreno 9 teams– Lotus, AGS, Coloni, EuroBrun, Benetton, Jordan, Minardi, Andrea Moda, and Forti

9) Jo Bonnier 8 teams– Maserati, BRM, Porsche, Cooper, Brabham, McLaren, Honda, and Lotus

10) John Surtees 8 teams– Lotus, Cooper, Lola, Ferrari, Honda, BRM, McLaren and Surtees

As you can see, Kimi has a ways to go before he cracks the top 10 list of drivers who have driven for the most teams. My how things have changed over the past few decades.

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Chris Amon – Tesco/Tecno?

Negative Camber

Yes, tecno…although I like Tesco better. ;)


The two top seat hoppers are also the two often cited as ‘the best never to win a championship’, maybe that’s no coincidence.
This also this highlights the abundance of teams ‘back in the day’. A current driver couldn’t do more than 11 teams, and if they were quick enough to score a drive with a top team, wouldn’t be interested in a seat with more than 5 of those 11 teams.

Richard Piers

I write from memory but I believe you are not correct about Stirling’s teams. He ran a 250F that he owned, then joined Mercedes, followed by Vanwall after which he drove for Rob Walker. He drove huge numbers of other cars but not F1 teams.