Driver quotes: british GP Practice

04 JULY 2014


#1 Sebastian Vettel
“I think it was interesting today, obviously we’re not sure what the weather will do tomorrow and Sunday, but I think we learned a little bit today and will take that into the weekend. Overall I think it was OK but we can still improve from where we are. Ferrari was pretty quick as well today, obviously the first row is taken, or seems to be, but behind that I think it was fairly close. It was quite windy which didn’t make life easy out there, so I think it was decent, but I want to improve.”

#3 Daniel Ricciardo

“Today hasn’t been too bad. Mercedes were really strong this morning but we seem to have found some more speed this afternoon. With the Prime, it was really good but with the Option we didn’t find enough time so, if we analyse tonight and get it right, then tomorrow we should be closer. The wind here is always really strong and today in particular we had really strong gusts coming through and it changes a lot between the corners, you know one corner you feel like the car is really sharp and then another corner you feel like it doesn’t have any grip at all. So that’s a bit complicated, but same for everyone and it makes it a little bit more interesting.”

#44 Lewis Hamilton

The car felt pretty good here today but unfortunately I lost my most important run of the day this afternoon when I stopped out on track with an engine problem. We haven’t identified what the issue was yet but it shouldn’t impact the rest of my weekend. We will change my programme around tomorrow morning to try and recover the time that I lost and make sure that I can complete my race preparation with a long run. It’s not ideal but we’ll recover! Apart from that, Silverstone has been great so far. The atmosphere is incredible and the support is just amazing; I love seeing so many fans here enjoying themselves.

#6 Nico Rosberg

That was a very productive day and the car felt really great so I’m feeling quite confident for the weekend. We seem to be very quick here and my long run at the end of the afternoon was very good. The conditions were quite tricky out with a lot of tail wind which made it really difficult to find the right braking point at some of the corners. It’s not good news for us that Lewis had some reliability issues and I hope we can sort this out for the weekend. Finally, it’s great to be back at Silverstone. There are so many fans already and also many of the team Brackley and Brixworth are here. I hope we can give them a great show.

#14 Fernando Alonso

“This Friday was much like any other and we followed our programme, testing some components and working on set-up in the morning, while evaluating both tyre compounds in the afternoon, looking at the Medium with both qualifying and the race in mind. There were no problems with wear or graining on the softer compound, while in order to correctly evaluate the Hard, we will have to wait for a long run test. For now, I can say it’s hard to get them up to temperature. Now, as usual, we must analyse everything to understand which components to use tomorrow, although if as predicted, it rains tomorrow, then in reality the data we got today will be more useful for the race. Here, there’s always a strong wind and in some corners it’s a help, while in others it’s a hindrance, but it’s the same for everyone. Now, all we can do is wait and see how things turn out.”
#7 Kimi Raikkonen

“This morning in the first session things went reasonably well. We followed the standard programme, including analysing car behaviour on the Hard tyres and we just had a few problems with traction at some points on the track and a bit of understeer in the high speed corners. In the second session, we made some small changes which did not work and the handling of the car was not the same. Putting a good lap together was really difficult and so we went back to the morning settings, but unfortunately we had the same problems. Now we must find out what happened between the two sessions, even if I think it’s partly down to the track conditions and the gusts of wind, which were very strong today. I’m sure that studying the data will give us the information we need to prepare as well as possible for tomorrow.”

#8 Roman Grosjean

#13 Pastor Maldonado


#22 Jenson Button

“It’s fantastic to be out on the circuit for the first day of the Santander British Grand Prix. To be here on a sunny day, and with a full house, makes it even better, too.
“Our car felt okay today, but we’re still trying to find the right balance in the high-speed sections. We’re struggling with understeer, trying to get more front-end from the car.

“It’s tough out there because it’s so windy: this year’s cars have less downforce than before, which makes the wings very important. When they’re affected massively by the wind, it makes it difficult to get any productive back-to-back results during testing.

“It’s proving tricky for us to get the Prime tyre up to temperature, too; as soon as we back off for a yellow flag or for traffic, we can’t get it working again. It’s very difficult. However, the Option tyre looks good and is able to last for a reasonably long time.

“Nevertheless, it’s been a good day. Hopefully, we can put on a great show for all the fans this weekend.

#20 Kevin Magnussen

“This is a great racetrack – nice and fast. I think our car would probably be more competitive on a slower track, but, so far, it’s not been looking too bad – we’re not looking any less competitive than we did in Austria last month.

“After today, it’s still difficult to judge the pace of Williams, but we’ll probably be fighting the Force Indias. We could be up for some points this weekend, so getting the maximum of the car will be very important.

“Today’s sessions showed that the Prime is a very hard tyre to keep alive – it’s quite easy for it to lose temperature. At the moment, it looks like the Option tyre is the better race tyre for us.

“I love driving here, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend.”

#27 Nico Hulkenberg
“Just the one session for me today and it was very windy out on track. That made things more difficult, although we know it’s a common situation here at Silverstone. It was quite a normal session for me, but we need to analyse the situation better tonight to make the right conclusions for tomorrow. It’s the usual challenge of understanding the tyres and improving the balance to put ourselves in a better position.”

#11 Sergio Perez

“It was quite a challenging day for us and we are a bit shy of where we would have wanted to be. We struggled with balance in both sessions and this meant we couldn’t extract all the pace from the car. We knew this was going to be a hard track for us due to its layout and tonight we will need to review the set-up to find the extra couple of tenths that can get us back in the group where we belong. We have a pretty clear idea of what we need to do overnight and if we can achieve that, we should be looking much better tomorrow.”

#99 Adrian Sutil
“I could not run very much today, as I had to sit out the first practice session. It was difficult to feel comfortable with the car during the afternoon session. The set-up was not ideal, and that’s why the car did not react in a way we hoped for. We changed something, but didn’t get the reaction we wanted. We need to analyse the data to understand what the issue was.”

#21 Esteban Gutierrez

“Overall, it was a positive day and I think we are going in a good direction. We were working aggressively on the set-up characteristics; this is the way to find something new and to explore opportunities. In the morning we were struggling with some set-up changes, but we are trying to find a compromise. Moreover, we still need to find stability when braking. Tomorrow is qualifying, so we need to keep pushing.”

#25 Jean-Eric Vergne
“Besides the incident towards the end of FP2, it was a good day. The performance on the short run is not where we want to be, but the long runs seem pretty good. If we can find out how we can go a little bit quicker on the short runs I think the rest of the weekend looks encouraging. It is not like last weekend in Austria where we looked very strong already on the Friday. So we have some work to do to find out how to go quicker. Hopefully tomorrow will go better than today.”

#26 Daniil Kvyat

“It was a normal Friday where we tried to work through our programme. Conditions out there were quite tricky. It was windy and the track slippery. Regarding the balance of the car, I wasn’t completely satisfied today, so as usual, we will look at all the data tonight and find a way to improve for tomorrow.”

#19 Felipe Massa
« This morning wasn’t the best as I put a wheel on the artificial grass and that was it, the session was over. As a result I lost some time in FP2 and we struggled with the balance but we made some progress. Tomorrow should be a better day but we are behind on our run plan. I have to say a big thank you to the team as they worked very hard to get the car ready for the second session. We have a lot to do to get the set-up right for tomorrow and the weather may not help us either »

#77 Valtteri Bottas

« FP2 was ok from our side; it was quite a good session. The main thing was the set-up work. We were fine tuning the set-up and managed to improve it quite a bit during the session. There’s still a lot of work to do tomorrow, in these windy conditions it’s not easy to set up the car. Anything we can do to improve it is going to be a big help because qualifying is going to be close tomorrow. »


#17 Jules Bianchi
“It has not been a very smooth start to our weekend for me, with problems this morning and this afternoon. Despite the issues we have experienced, and the resulting loss of track time, I am very pleased that we did end the day by making it out at the end of the FP2 session and with very little set-up work we seem to have got to a good starting place with the car. There is a lot that we need to do to improve for the rest of the weekend, but we have some good data from Max’s track time. We will have a busy FP3 tomorrow to prepare for qualifying but also confirming a set-up direction. The track has been quite windy today and this has unsettled many of the cars, plus we need to understand how the tyres are working here. We will keep pushing.”

#4 Max Chilton

“We got a lot of running today, which is positive, because we lost time on the other side of the garage. There are still things we know we can improve on, so we’ll be making maximum use of the data we gathered to try to understand how we can gain more lap time. It’s great to be back here in front of my home crowd, who have been incredibly supportive as usual. It’s only Friday so I know the atmosphere is only going to get better over the next two days and that’s a great boost for myself and the Team.”


#9 Kamui Kobayashi
“Having sat out FP1 it was important to get as many laps done in FP2 as possible and having done that with 31 laps I think we made some good progress in the session.

“Overall the balance wasn’t too bad at the start of FP2 – the car was quite snappy and there was too much understeer, especially in the high speed corners, but by the end of the session it was improving. We did a couple of runs on the hard tyres, then onto the mediums for our first assessment of the softer compound and it was a definite improvement, both on the short and long runs, so that’s quite positive for the rest of the weekend.”

#10 Marcus Ericsson
“FP1 went ok. We started with the usual installation lap and the first thing that was clear was just how low the grip levels were, even for an install. That continued on the baseline run where the front tyres were really struggling to come up to temperature – overall the car balance was ok, but for run two we worked more on generating higher initial tyre temps which meant we could start looking in more detail at setup options.
“My second run was a bit better but on the final lap I span around turns 12 / 13 and couldn’t get the car back out of the gravel. That cost us quite a bit of time but as soon as we had the car back it was turned around quickly and we were back out for a final couple of laps.

“In the afternoon we started with a car that felt like we’d maybe gone the wrong way on setup so we made a few changes at the end of the first run and it was definitely better for the second run. We then went onto the mediums and they were working pretty well – the grip levels were much better and the tyres came up to temperature more quickly, but then on the third run I had a mechanical issue which meant I lost power and had to pull over in the old pits. We’ll need to make a proper assessment of what happened and to go through all the data tonight and then aim to keep improving tomorrow ahead of quali and the race.”

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