Driver quotes: British GP qualifying

05 JULY 2014


#1 Sebastian Vettel

“It was very tight in Q1 and Q2, we were quite late going out due to the weather and then in Q3 we were
quite early for the final run, but it didn’t matter as in the end the time was okay. It’s hard to know how much
you can push when the conditions are like that as you’re driving into the unknown. The warm up lap shows
you that it’s damp and you know it will improve, but by how much is obviously determined by how much risk
you take. It seems in the end I took the right amount today, so I’m happy.”

#3 Daniel Ricciardo

“I didn’t expect it to go quicker at the end of the session there, as the rain kept coming. We really thought the
track wouldn’t get quicker, Vettel only went out as he didn’t have a time at that point. We have to learn from it
I guess – I’m gobsmacked how much faster the circuit got, it must dry a lot quicker here than I thought. We’ll
move forwards from there tomorrow.”


#44 Lewis Hamilton

I made a mistake today and pulled out of the lap when I should have kept going. It was a tough qualifying
with the changing conditions and we got through most of it really well, until the most important part. It was
my decision, a bad call, and that decided my qualifying. I’m so sorry to have disappointed the fans here today
as their support has been fantastic and I’ll do what I can to have a great race for them tomorrow. I need to
have a start like I had in Austria two weeks ago and then do my best to get back to the front; you never know
what might happen. It’s difficult when you’re just out of the car to express your emotions and see the positive
but I’ll go back to the team and my family now and we’ll build up for tomorrow from there.

#6 Nico Rosberg

Wow, what a qualifying. It was so tricky out there this afternoon with the rain and the conditions changing so
quickly. It’s very satisfying to get everything right in these conditions and be able to come out on top. Thanks
to the team today for guiding me through the hour so well. My last flying lap was difficult because we were
very tight for time and I was stuck right up behind Lewis. Luckily he didn’t finish his lap but I remembered that
we were losing three or four seconds in the last corners when it was very wet so there was an opportunity to
make a real improvement and that I should keep going. It’s a great opportunity to start the race from pole and
I’ll give it everything to take the win tomorrow.

#14 Fernando Alonso
“When it rains in qualifying it’s Fernando Alonso always a lottery, it can go well or it can go badly. Most of all,
it’s easy to make mistakes. At complicated moments like this, you need to fit the right tyres at the right time,
but luck definitely plays a part. I think if we had fitted the Mediums thirty seconds earlier or later, with a dry
track, things could have gone differently. In the race tomorrow, we will try and make up as much ground as
possible. Yesterday, in the dry, we had a strong pace and even in the wet, as we saw on the first lap in Q1, it
seems quite good. Mixed conditions might help us, but here it’s impossible to know now what the weather
will do tomorrow. One thing for sure, is that starting so far back, we will see a lot of action”.
#7 Kimi Raikkonen
Kimi Raikkonen: “We knew the changeable weather would make this qualifying very unpredictable, but I
definitely didn’t expect this sort of result. On my first run, I did four laps on Intermediate tyres because the
track was still wet, but then when it stopped raining we decided to switch to slicks. On the first part of the
track, the conditions were acceptable, but in the second sector, it began raining again and this prevented us
from setting a good enough time to get into Q2. Tomorrow, it won’t be easy moving up the order, but we
will do our best to make up ground, also because today I had a better feeling than yesterday and I see no
reason why I shouldn’t try and have a good race.”


#8 Roman Grosjean

“It was a good session for me despite the tricky weather conditions here today – certainly the rain was good
for my garden! Q1 was tricky, but fortunately we used slick tyres at the right time. Unfortunately in Q2 I had a
yellow flag in turn six otherwise I think that I would have been through to Q3. The car felt good in qualifying
compared to the rest of the weekend and that is quite important for us. Everyone did a good job, worked very
hard and now the car is where I like it to be. I hope that tomorrow it will be the case again and we can go
from there and push as hard as we can to score points.”

#13 Pastor Maldonado

“We had a lack of fuel during the second qualifying session which meant I had to stop the car out on track.
The team are investigating to find out what happened as otherwise the car felt good and we had a strong
opportunity to be in the top ten. The pace was certainly there this morning and the car was doing what I
wanted it to do. We had a good strategy through the difficult weather conditions today so naturally I’m a bit
disappointed with where we ended up on the grid. Now the focus is to get the best result possible in
tomorrow’s race.”


#22 Jenson Button

“At the start of the session, I was really looking forward to getting out there. And, as soon as we did, we found
the grip of the circuit, and I felt confident. I even did a lap in Q1 that was quickest overall, but I ran wide at the
final corner in traffic, and that time was disallowed – nonetheless, I think it showed that, in difficult
circumstances, we often tend make the best of things.

“On my final lap in Q3, I thought it was all over in the first sector: I made a mistake coming out of Turn Five
and had a massive snap of oversteer onto the straight, but I still managed to make up the time over the rest of
the lap.

“I would love there to be changeable conditions in the race tomorrow, but, realistically, if it’s dry, we’re not
going to be quite as competitive as we were today. We’ll do our best to be as close to the front as possible, of
course we will, but we’ll need to have a perfect race to get a decent result.

“Even so, I’m really happy to be third – in front of the my family, my friends and the British crowd – their
support has been so uplifting throughout this whole event.”

#20 Kevin Magnussen

“It was a very tricky qualifying session. Jenson starting third is fantastic for both him and the team, but I’m
satisfied with fifth.

“It was really hard to know how the track would be from lap to lap, so I was playing it relatively conservatively.
Right now, I regret not pushing more – but it’s always so tricky to know how much more you can do.

“I was quite surprised by how dry it was at the end of Q3. I didn’t even think we’d need to go out at the end
because it wasn’t anywhere near dry enough – but the conditions were drier than we thought.

“It’s hard to say just what we can do on Sunday. We’re in a good position for the start of the race, but,
realistically, we’re out of position. Still, I’ll be giving it everything tomorrow.”


#27 Nico Hulkenberg

“That worked out really well for us and I’m very happy to come away with fourth place on the grid. On days
like this you just need to be in the right place, with good timing and a little bit of luck. The track conditions
were changing so much and at the end of Q3 I’ve never seen a track dry so quickly. There were a few spots of
rain in the middle of the session, but on my final lap it was completely dry. Fourth place sets us up nicely for
tomorrow, but it’s hard to know exactly where we stand in terms of race pace. We definitely made some
progress with the car balance overnight with some tweaks and it was a lot less windy today, which worked in
our favour. There is an interesting grid, which will hopefully make for an exciting race for the fans.”

#11 Sergio Perez

“Today leaves us with mixed feelings. It was very good to get both cars in Q3 and ahead of some of our most
direct competitors. Had they offered us this result before the session, we would have been satisfied; however,
it is also disappointing as we know we could have had an even better result. We were in P3 up to the last lap,
but when the track improved and I went out for a last run I ran a bit wide in turn 12 and lost all the
temperature from my tyres. I also had to let some cars through and that made it a big problem for me.
Otherwise I am confident we would have improved enough to stay in the front two rows. It’s a shame
because we were making the tyres work really well until that moment and we were making the most of the
conditions. Still, it is a very positive result and we should have a good opportunity to convert it into a good
race and a lot of points. Silverstone is a very difficult place to overtake and track position is very important, so I
am confident in that respect.”


#99 Adrian Sutil

“Unfortunately, I made a mistake today. As I went off the track, I did not notice that the preceded corner was
very wet. I lost the rear of the car and got stuck in the gravel trap. It is a shame as I was in ninth and therefore
had made it into the second qualifying session, but could not participate. The conditions were tricky for all of
us. As the car was difficult to drive and as we were on the limit, those mistakes can easily happen.”

#21 Esteban Gutierrez

“We had a very good strategy. I think the conditions were pretty difficult as the weather was very inconsistent
all the time. On my last lap I got caught up by a faster car behind. I was trying to push as much as I could.
Unfortunately, I lost the car and hit the wall. We were both on our fast lap and I was trying to finish mine as
well as possible.”


#25 Jean-Eric Vergne

“It was a good qualifying session today, at least until towards the end when we made a mistake in deciding
not to go out again for one last run and improve our position. I don’t really know why but it’s a fact that all the
others went out again and improved as expected. It’s a shame as we had a good car to fight for a higher
position in the ranking, and it’s disappointing also considering that along the weekend we have consistently
been quicker than some of the cars that will be in front of us on the grid tomorrow. Let’s stay positive and
think that P9 and P10 are anyway good enough to hope for a good race tomorrow.”

#26 Daniil Kvyat

“We were fighting for really high positions today, but then towards the end we made the decision not to go
out anymore. At that time it seemed to be the right decision because it was hard to imagine that anyone
would have improved times because it had rained quite a lot and track conditions were tricky out there. But
anyway, this is the way it is and in the end, P9 and P10 are good positions to start the race from. We will
definitely fight hard tomorrow!”


#19 Felipe Massa

“It was really a missed opportunity to get the car in a good position for tomorrow. We didn’t expect the rain
and the track was drying so we had to get the lap in. The moment it started raining again, that was it, it was
over. We have a lot to do tomorrow and it will not be easy but the car is quicker than where we are.”

#77 Valtteri Bottas

“The whole session was unbelievable. We left it too late to go out on the dry tyre so we didn’t get the run in as
it started to rain again. Truthfully we were unlucky it started to rain. We had the pace to get to Q3 so we
missed a good opportunity. It’s a long race tomorrow and we have a good car so we can still get back into the
points, but again the weather will play its part.”


#17 Jules Bianchi

“A fantastic day for the Team and I’m so happy for everyone. After our first points in Monaco, it’s great that we
have now achieved the Team’s best ever qualifying result. Today’s situation was not easy and so this result is
down to a combination of great strategy, judging the changing conditions to perfection and then just making
the most of the windows we had out on the track when the conditions were right for the tyres. It was a real
gamble, but we had everything to gain from taking some risks, so for the last run we put the slicks on even
though the track was right at the limit. I had a really good lap and then the Yellow flags came out for
Gutierrez’s spin. Had we not encountered these I could have improved for sure and who knows what might
have happened then. I’m just really happy to achieve this result at the Team’s home race and anything is
possible from where we will start on the grid tomorrow. I will try my best to make the most of every

#4 Max Chilton
“The Team has done an incredible job today, making some fantastic calls and putting us right where we
needed to be at exactly the right time. I’m really thrilled with P13 but the reality is, had it not been for the
Yellow for Gutierrez, we could have ended up even higher as in those damp conditions you put a banker in
and then do your quick lap at the end. Obviously I’ve got the five place penalty for this morning’s gearbox
change, which will drop me back, but a good qualifying session was what I needed because of that penalty,
and that is what we’ve achieved, so I can’t be disheartened. It’s a fantastic feeling to have had such a good
qualifying in front of the British fans and I can’t wait for the race now. I’m ahead of the Caterhams and maybe
similar conditions will be what we need to progress because we’re very strong under pressure, as we’ve


#9 Kamui Kobayashi

“After the rain on Friday night we started FP3 on wets but after the installation lap it was clear the track was
ready for inters. We went out early to see how they were performing and found we had some traction issues,
but otherwise the car was ok. As the rain had started to fall again we then waited out most of the rest of the
session before going out with a few minutes left on another set of inters to run to the flag.

“In Q1 I went out early on a set of inters but after a couple of laps it looked like we could try slicks. We boxed
and went onto a set of options but soon after going back out on track I was told to box again because of a
problem on the car. We made a couple of adjustments and went back out for another run on options but I
had the same technical issue and couldn’t go any quicker. It’s obviously a shame because today was one of
those sessions where we could have had one or both cars in Q2 but it wasn’t to be.”

#10 Marcus Ericsson

“FP3 started wet but the track conditions were ok so we did the first full run on inters. During that run the rain
started coming down again, particularly in sector two where it was pretty wet, so we boxed and waited with
most of the other cars for the rain to stop before going out again on wets for the final few laps.

“In quali we went out with most of the pack on inters and then made the call to go to options pretty much as
soon as I was back in the garage. The conditions were pretty critical and I made a mistake in sector two when I
was really pushing – after that I couldn’t recover the time and we ended up where we are. Tomorrow the
conditions look like they’ll be similar to today and we know that could give us opportunities, especially with
the cars that will be around us on the grid as I’m sure they’ll all be pushing hard right from the start – we need
to be there when it counts so we’ll work as hard as we can to make sure we are.”

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