Driver Quotes: Canadian GP Qualifying



7 JUNE 2014


#1 Sebastian Vettel

“The start of the last lap wasn’t great. I still didn’t manage to get that first sector right, I didn’t get

along with the first two corners very well today. But, after that I tried to take more risk and it

worked, so sector two was very good through the two chicanes, especially through the second

one; I found a significantly better line and more time compared to previous runs. I then kept it

together until the end, so a very good result. It was the maximum we could do – we were very

close with those behind, half a second behind the Mercs, but then four cars were within four to five

hundredths of a second of each other, so I’m happy to be the quickest of those. Strategy could be a

bit of a surprise tomorrow, we’ll have to wait and see what happens but Williams is strong here and

the Mercedes powered cars will be looking forward to the straights. I will try to stay as close as I can

to the front two and get some tow. If we have a chance to attack them, then we should go for it.”

#3 Daniel Ricciardo

“It was a bit scrappy on the final run, we made a couple of adjustments and it didn’t quite work out

– but that’s hindsight! We were close to third, but not close enough and we paid a bit of a price by

being sixth. We’ve made progress throughout the weekend and we were not too far off, but it’s

disappointing to just miss out. The times were close, but it could have been better. Hopefully we

can get a good start tomorrow and see how we go, the strategy will be interesting.“


#44 Lewis Hamilton

Nico did a fantastic lap but it wasn’t the greatest qualifying session for me because I went wide a

couple of times on my lap, in turns six and eight. It was very close, with just eight hundredths of a

second in it, but Nico did the better job this afternoon. It’s great for the team that we have a onetwo

on the grid but I am expecting it to be a tough race: it’s not that easy to overtake here,

especially in the same car and with Nico being so close on pace. I will do what I can tomorrow and

we will be trying to score as many points as we can. I also want to say something about this

amazing weekend in Canada. It’s one of the best races of the year, especially because of the

fantastic fans who make the atmosphere something special. We love coming here and I hope we

can put on a great race tomorrow.

#6 Nico Rosberg

It’s been a great weekend so far and I’m really pleased with how I have been able to improve my

set-up from session to session. Even before Qualifying we made some quite big changes and they

worked out perfectly. So I am very happy with starting from pole tomorrow. That was very

important as there aren’t many opportunities to overtake here, particularly if you are in the same

car. I think it will be a battle between the two of us out there tomorrow as the gap to the other cars

was quite big in Qualifying today and also on our long runs on Friday were strong. This is a such a

good track here in Montreal and the fans create a special atmosphere so I hope we can put on a

great race tomorrow for them.


#14 Fernando Alonso

“The result of qualifying reflects the trend we have seen since the start of the season. As often

happens, even if on Friday we are front runners, on Saturday we struggle a bit more. The

development package we have brought here in Canada has worked well, the car has improved and

I am pleased about that, even if at the moment we are unable to extract all the potential out of the

car. Mercedes’ dominance today was not a surprise and the Red Bulls and Williams also did better

than us. I think tomorrow’s race will not be easy, as it is hard to overtake at the start here, because

there is not enough room through the first two corners. We will also have to do a good job of

managing tyre degradation and of choosing the right number of stops. It’s been much hotter than

yesterday and the tyre that seemed to be the best to race on, the Soft, today appeared less suited

to the conditions than the Supersoft. If, as expected, the hot weather continues, the choice will

move towards the latter and that will mean making one more stop.”

#7 Kimi Raikkonen

“All weekend, I haven’t been completely satisfied with the handling of my car and again today

in qualifying I found it difficult. On my only run in Q3, I went out on a new set of Supersofts, but my

F14 T was sliding a lot and I couldn’t put together a good lap. Maybe I could have been one or two

places higher up, but I don’t think it would have changed much. Even if the updates we tried

yesterday worked, we knew it wouldn’t be easy: probably this is one of the tracks that least suits the

characteristics of our car. I expect a very long race tomorrow, in which anything could happen. We

will try and get a good start and then give it our all.


#8 Roman Grosjean

“We expected a tough time in Canada but if you ignore the position on the grid I’m very positive as

we’ve made good improvements with the car so it genuinely feels very good to drive. Qualifying

was frustrating as we just missed out on gaining a couple of positions with another lap, but we

wouldn’t have overcome our speed deficit down the straight. The race looks like it will be hot so

tyre degradation could be an interesting aspect. The circuit is good and I like it as it’s an intense lap

where you have some tight moments in the car which always makes for a good race.”

#13 Pastor Maldonado

“We had a problem which meant that I was losing a lot of power on my last flying lap. The

engineers asked me to stop the car immediately which was a shame as I think we would have been

in a position to compete in Q2. Anything can happen in the race so we’ll see how it goes. It’s a long

race and not a particularly easy track so it will be important to complete a good first lap and

recover some places. Of course we will do our best and hopefully enjoy tomorrow.”


#22 Jenson Button

“We’d been trying to adjust the balance all through the weekend, but we really struggled in free

practice this morning. Still, it’s a positive that the changes we made for qualifying were a clear step


“My fastest time in Q3 was almost good enough for eighth – I lost out by just two hundredths – but

ninth is probably better in terms of starting position on the grid, because it’ll be on the clean side.

“Looking ahead to tomorrow, it’s going to be hard to read the tyres’ behaviour in these very hot

conditions. They’re very easy to grain, so if you can look after them throughout a stint, it could

make a big difference in the race.

“As a race team, we’re extremely good at thinking on our toes – so we’ll make sure we’re ready for

every scenario tomorrow.”

#20 Kevin Magnussen

“Jenson probably got the maximum from the car today. But Q2 was a bit tougher for me.

“The car actually feels good – there’s not much I’d do to change the set-up – but the car’s lack of

downforce means that we’re not quick enough.

“Tomorrow, it’ll be important to look after the tyres – especially the Option, which will struggle in

the hotter conditions.

“I really don’t know what to expect on Sunday: we’re starting just outside the top 10; with a good

race, I hope we can score some points.

“All I know is that I’ll go into tomorrow absolutely fighting.”


#27 Nico Hulkenberg

“I was close to making the top ten – just half a tenth would have made the difference, but I think

we’ve known since yesterday it was going to be quite tight in qualifying. Having said that, P11 is a

good starting position: it gives us some flexibility in terms of the strategy; I get to choose my

starting tyres, and I’m feeling quite optimistic about our race pace. The pack is very close in terms of

performance but it should be an interesting race because it’s a circuit where overtaking is possible

and history has shown that anything can happen here.”

#11 Sergio Perez

“It was quite a tricky qualifying session that turned out to be a bit harder than we expected. I’m

starting P13, but I’m still feeling very positive about our chances in the race because this is such an

unusual track where you can move up the field and take advantage of whatever happens in the

race. We have good top speed and that will certainly be important tomorrow. I think we have

shown already this year that Sunday is what counts and I’m confident that we can score points and

beat some of the cars ahead of us. We will need to get the strategy right – it’s always a choice

between one and two stops here and we’ll need to evaluate which one gives us the best chance

for the race.”


#99 Adrian Sutil

“Once again, this was not an easy qualifying. However, we made it into Q2 this time, which is a

small success, although the performance has not really improved. After qualifying we are basically

where we were this morning. The car is difficult to drive. We need more downforce and have

defeciencies in most areas. The driveability in qualifying was not optimal. It was very tricky to

control the car with the throttle, because it is very nervous. So I ended up in P16 for tomorrow. We

will do our best.“

#21 Esteban Gutierrez

“It was a disappointing day, after we also had some troubles on Friday. Concerning what happened

today, we have to further analyse what caused the problem. I came into the corner with a little bit

of oversteer, then later something happened and I lost the car completely. We have to find out

whether this happened through what I did, or something I had identified earlier. We have to

analyse further what caused the incident. I know that it’s going to be a lot of work to rebuild the car

for tomorrow, and I would like to thank the team for the hard work ahead of them. Tomorrow is

another day, and I will do my best.“


#25 Jean-Eric Vergne

“Today we have done great in qualifying. The field is tight so you really have to drive the perfect lap,

getting the best out of the car. The team and I managed to achieve our goals and this is the result

that rewards all the hard work that we have put in. To start from 8th position on the grid is very

promising and I will certainly do my best to finish the race and bring home some good points.”

#26 Daniil Kvyat

“I’m disappointed with how my Qualifying turned out today. After the limited running yesterday,

the team worked hard overnight and everything seemed to be working fine in this morning’s FP3

session. Then during Qualifying I found the car difficult to drive and I experienced some brake

problems. We will have to analyse this closely tonight, but I’m sure we will be fine for tomorrow. It

is not ideal to start from P15, but as always, I will give it my 100 percent and aim to finish the race as

high as possible.”


#19 Felipe Massa

« It was a good session, definitely our car shows good performance. It was very tight from position

three to six, with five cars in one tenth, so P3 was possible. Unfortunately I didn’t have the perfect

lap and it wasn’t enough to be third, but I cannot be disappointed. I feel really happy for the car we

have. The race is long so let’s try to do a good one tomorrow, I’m confident we can have a good,

competitive race. »

#77 Valtteri Bottas

« We need to be happy with the result. It was really, really close. On the last run there was some

traffic which cost the opportunity to improve the time, but luckily I had done a good lap on the first

run in Q3. We’ve been competitive all weekend so I’m looking forward to the race. I’m very happy

with the car, we’ve made so much progress. I know we can challenge Red Bull here and we have

great straightline speed, so we’ll see. »


#17 Jules Bianchi

“It’s a disappointing way to end our qualifying because after the minimal running I had yesterday,

we were back on it for FP3 this morning. The car seems very good here this weekend, which is nice

to see because it shows that our improvements have helped us master a circuit that does not

typically suit us. My first run was okay considering the small amount of time I have spent in the car

with low fuel and options this weekend. There was no chance to improve on the second because

we had a problem starting the car and, in any case, the red flag came out and no one was able to

improve. We start with the Caterhams behind me, so I just have to focus on the race in front of me

and I’m sure we can fight back and have a good race.”

#4 Max Chilton

“We came here off the back of a great result for the Team in Monaco, but fully expecting to

struggle rather more at a circuit that has never really suited our car in previous seasons. I think we

are all a little surprised, but pleasantly so, because it really underlines how much progress we’ve

made with the car in all conditions and at a variety of circuits. We’ve had a very positive couple of

days and we were hoping to be able to wrap all that into a great qualifying, which we started to do

on the first run. That was a good lap, but there was definitely room for improvement, but the red

flag put paid to that. We have to look on the bright side though because it’s a further sign that our

progress is genuine and not the product of one race. My plan for tomorrow is to aim to keep

everyone behind me and hopefully have a nice fight with the cars ahead.”


#9 Kamui Kobayashi

“FP3 started more positively than yesterday. The tyre warm-up was better and we made a good

improvement to the braking so the work done last night looked like it had paid off. We still needed

to work on traction and taking out some of the understeer I had in the chicanes, but overall it was


“We ran through the programme until the performance run when I had to stop the car with a

transmission problem. It’s similar to the problem Marcus had in FP2 but we had it fixed for quali

after the guys did a good job repairing the car over lunch.

“In quali we did two runs on the supersofts but the red flag at the end of the session meant I

couldn’t improve my time. We’d made a bit more progress since FP3 and the balance was better,

so on my last quick lap I made up a tenth in the first two corners, but then had to abort that run so

finished in 20th. With the grid penalty we have to take for the gearbox change over lunch I’ll start at

the back of the grid and all I can do is fight – everyone in the team keeps doing that, even in a

tough weekend like we’re having here, and as we saw at the last race, anything can happen and we

need to be there if and when it counts tomorrow.”

#10 Marcus Ericsson

“It was immediately clear in FP3 that we’d found a decent step overnight, particularly with braking

which had been an issue in both Friday sessions, but I was still having problems bringing the tyres

into their working range as quickly as we wanted. Despite that, the car felt better on each lap and

by the end of the session I think we’d made some good progress.

“We went out early in Q1 for the first of two runs on the supersofts. I was still having tyre warm-up

problems on both runs but the performance had improved a little from the morning session so I

could push a bit harder. Unfortunately on my last flying lap I lost the back of the car in turn nine

coming up behind a couple of other cars and made contact with the wall, ending my quali.

“It’s obviously fair to say this has been a difficult weekend for me and the whole team. We just

aren’t strong enough here and that’s going to make the race pretty hard, but I know I’m ready to

do the best I can and that’s the same for everyone in our team.”

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