Driver Quotes: Monaco GP

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25 MAY 2014
#1 Sebastian Vettel
“It’s disappointing. I had a good start and then we lost boost pressure from the turbo, so I had no
power and had to retire. The team did everything they could. I felt quite helpless in the car, so I
was asking for an answer of what we could do, but there wasn’t anything at that stage. We fixed
some problems yesterday with the ERS, but some more came today with the turbo, but we will
move forwards and it will be good for us soon.”
#3 Daniel Ricciardo
“The race really came to life towards the end. It started off not so well and it’s a really short run to
Turn 1, so that was frustrating. Then we got Seb due to his reliability and Kimi had a puncture and
we sort of got back to where we were hoping to be. After the re-start we were just saving the
tyres to the point that we could get to the end and then, with 20 laps to go, I thought they would
be okay so I pushed. It was the first time in the whole race that I felt like I was really driving the car
and we caught Lewis. It was fun but I couldn’t get him, so I have to say the race finished better
than it started.”

#44 Lewis Hamilton
I felt very strong out there today and I really drove with all my heart, giving everything that I could
to improve my position. This just hasn’t been my weekend but I can leave today feeling happy
that we have achieved another one-two finish for the team. We have such a great car and
everyone who has worked on it deserves the incredible results that we are getting at the
moment. Back to this afternoon, this is such a difficult circuit to overtake. I was following Nico as
close as I could and had great pace but I just couldn’t get past. Towards the end, I got some dirt in
my eye through the visor which made it very tough for a few laps but thankfully it cleared up and
I was able to hold off Daniel and keep second place. This hasn’t been the greatest of weekends
but I’ll go into the next race with even more energy and determination. The team are working so
hard and we’re determined to keep the momentum going.
#6 Nico Rosberg
It was a tough race out there today but I am absolutely delighted to have won my second
Monaco Grand Prix in succession. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m proud to have done it at home,
in front of my family and friends who were all here this afternoon. The race started well and I was
comfortable but then we had to manage my fuel consumption and Lewis was pushing really hard
behind me. We were able to be in control of the fuel with a few laps of lift and coast. It was
important for me to break Lewis’ momentum of winning the last four races this weekend. That
worked out very well, but it was a really tough weekend. I’m so happy for the team that we had
another one-two finish and look forward to the party tonight!

#14 Fernando Alonso
“Finishing just off the podium today was a good result, especially after a difficult start and the
various incidents during the race. At the start, something in the motor didn’t work, but even if I’d
had full power, there was no room to overtake. The three cars ahead of me deserved to be there
as they were really uncatchable. I am pleased with fourth place, because we were able to manage
a race in which you had to always maintain the highest level of concentration as there were
plenty of tense moments. Our pace was good and that means that, bit by bit, we are improving.
Sure, the gap to the leaders is still significant, because like us, they are still moving forward on the
development front. Therefore we must always try to do better, starting with the next race in
#7 Kimi Raikkonen
“This was a very unlucky day for me, a real shame after getting a good start and managing to
move up to third place. The car was handling well and had a good pace. Unfortunately, in a Safety
Car period, my car was hit by Chilton’s Marussia and I had to make an unscheduled stop as my
right rear tyre was damaged and that meant the end of any chance of getting a good result. I am
sorry I still haven’t managed to get a good result because we are working very hard. We know
there is a lot to do as our rivals are still a long way ahead, but I am sure that if we continue down
this path the results will come, maybe with a bit more luck.”

#8 Roman Grosjean
“It’s good to finish the race here for the first time in my career and it’s good to get some points
too. It started as a pretty bad Sunday for us with a puncture for me on the first lap after Adrian
[Sutil] drove into me. We swapped to the soft tyres but it was impossible to overtake on these so
we came back in for the super softs. The safety car timing didn’t help us as we’d just gone out on
the new tyres, but that’s Monaco. You can have thousands of misfortunes in the race, but still be
in the points at the end!”
#13 Pastor Maldonado
“We don’t know yet precisely what happened. The engine switched off after 30 seconds. When
we did out laps to the grid the car and the power unit were working well. We need to work to
find out what the problem was. It is disappointing and I was expecting a solid race, we had a
good strategy in place, I love this circuit where I have been competitive in the past. We have
already worked hard on performance and reliability but today it was not to be. This afternoon
we’re not happy but we are keeping focused on improving.”

#22 Jenson Button
“This was a typical Monaco Grand Prix – it was messy out there; people were making mistakes;
there were cars all over the place; you had to stay focused; keep up with the pack, and look after
the tyres, using them when necessary.
“For the entirety of my final stint, I looked after my tyres and dropped back into the clear air
behind Kevin. Then it was just about pacing myself to the end. I couldn’t quite get past Nico
[Hulkenberg] at the end – he was struggling with his tyres, but whenever I pushed, I struggled as
well, so I couldn’t make it stick.
“In the closing laps, we had a good little battle, but it’s so tough when you’re shoved up behind
another car. It’s difficult enough as it is, but when you can’t really see anything because there’s a
car in front, it’s even more difficult.
“This wasn’t a bad result for us – I just wish I could have picked off Nico at the end. It’s just a pity
that Kevin’s late-race problem meant we couldn’t get more points for both cars at the finish.”
#20 Kevin Magnussen
“Despite a lot of things going against us today – the long hold due to traffic at my pitstop, the
unsafe release in front of me in the pitlane, and the engine issue – I can draw a lot from the fact
that our car felt really good. That’s a real positive: it might be hard to see from the outside, but
things are moving forward within the team.
“There were lots of little issues – Jean-Eric’s team probably didn’t calculate his release properly –
it’s never the driver’s fault – it’s just one of those things that happens. And it was a pity I didn’t get
to finish the battle with Nico [Hulkenberg]; I’d been saving my tyres in the expectation that Nico
would struggle, but then I had a problem with my power-unit, which dropped me back.
“I’m still not really sure what happened with my car at the end of the race. And I didn’t see what
happened with Kimi – I went to the inside to block his entry into the hairpin, but he chose to
make a move anyway. It’s hard to overtake here, but he tried and it didn’t work. That’s racing.”

#27 Nico Hulkenberg
“Ten points today is a great reward after such a difficult race. The last twenty laps were really tricky
because my supersoft tyres were at the end of their life and it was hard to hold off the cars behind
me and stay away from the barriers. There were a few close moments when I kissed the wall, but I
survived and managed to hold on to fifth place. Fortunately my car was quick in the right places –
going into the tunnel and also through the final corner. There were some enjoyable moments in
the race, especially my move on Magnussen. He had to let the Toro Rosso back through and he
lost a bit of momentum so I saw my opportunity to stick my nose down the inside of turn eight.
On a track like Monaco it gives you a big smile to make the move stick.”
#11 Sergio Perez
“I was in a battle with Nico, who was ahead, and I went to take the apex normally. I was on the
racing line and ahead of Jenson [Button] when he clipped my rear wheel and spun me around
into the barriers. I did not expect him to be there as there wasn’t really any space for another car
there. It was very unlucky. As a racing driver you have good and bad Sundays but this is definitely
one I want to forget as soon as possible. It is disappointing that we lost a big chance to score a
good amount of points, but the car felt much better here than in Spain, as shown by Nico’s result.
This is a very positive signal looking ahead to Montreal.”

#99 Adrian Sutil
“It is a pity that my race ended so early. I had quite a good start. In turn 5 one of the other drivers
spun, and as I came around the corner many cars were suddenly stopping in front of me. I had
front wing damage which forced me to make a pitstop. I went back onto track almost at the
backend of the field, but I was able to gain some positions lap by lap. Unfortunately, coming out
of the tunnel I made a mistake when braking, lost the rear and crashed into the guardrail.
Certainly, I am very disappointed and I also feel sorry for the whole team.”
#21 Esteban Gutierrez
“Unfortunately, I could not finish the race. It was probably the most painful mistake in my career. I
touched the guardrail in Rascasse on the entry to the corner and spun, that was the end of the
race. Today we had a great chance to earn some points. The start was great, as I was able to gain
some positions during the first few laps which gave me a good basis for our race strategy. During
the race I needed to take care of the tyres, but we also had to push because we had quick cars
coming from behind. It is very disappointing. I really want to say sorry to everyone in the team
because they all did a great job today.”

#25 Jean-Eric Vergne
“The race was going well, the pace was really encouraging, I was saving the tyres and the strategy
looked like being the right one. Then, my engineer informed me about the drive-through penalty
for “unsafe release” and finally we had the exhaust problem which definitely put an end to my
race. It’s such a shame! We had done a great job over the whole weekend, the team was able to
give me a good car and I also performed well so I think a fifth place was possible today. Let’s turn
the page now and focus on the next race in Montreal, where I will again do everything I can to
perform at my maximum, have another great qualifying session and score the so longed points.”
#26 Daniil Kvyat
“It’s disappointing that I had to retire today, especially because we looked competitive all
weekend and had a good chance of finishing in the points here. I was able to hold my position at
the start of the race and even move up to eighth before I had to retire. Unfortunately these things
happen and I will now switch my focus to the next race where I hope we can carry over this

#19 Felipe Massa
I am very happy with seventh after starting 16th on the grid. I took some risks when I changed
strategy at the safety car and had to make my tyres last, which they did. I made the most of the
opportunities I had with other cars making mistakes or retiring. Many things could have
happened so I am pleased they worked out for the best. A tough weekend turned into a positive
#77 Valtteri Bottas
We had an issue with the power unit which is frustrating. There are some investigations to do to
find out exactly what happened. After the start I was quickly in the points so it could have been a
good weekend. Felipe finished seventh so the team can walk away with something. We now look
towards Canada where we hope to be strong due to the nature of the track.

#17 Jules Bianchi
“Wow. What a race and what a result for the whole Team. I am just incredibly happy, but first of all
I have to pay credit to everyone at the Marussia F1 Team for making this possible. Nobody knows
just how much work and determination goes into our races, so today I am thrilled that I have
helped them to achieve their long-held target of our first points. To achieve them together makes
me very proud. My thanks to everyone here in Monaco, the rest of the Team in Banbury and also
to our powertrain partners, Scuderia Ferrari, because together we have all made great progress,
particularly since the Barcelona Test. This gave us the confidence to push and we certainly did
that here this weekend. It was not an easy race; there were some enjoyable highs along the way,
but also a couple of concerning moments too. What matters at the end is that we got there and
we can savour the highlights for a long time to come. I would also like to thank the Ferrari Driver
Academy, who support me every step of my career.”
#4 Max Chilton
“I am very proud to be a part of something so special today. For a small team to have such a result
is a huge boost for the future. Obviously, I have mixed emotions, as everything that could have
gone wrong for me today did. But that is racing and I know I will have my chance one day to get
some points for the Team. Well done to everyone and now I am really motivated heading into

#9 Kamui Kobayashi
“Even though we finished in 13th I’m really not happy as I’m sure I’d have finished in the points if
Bianchi hadn’t hit me when he forced his way past. The car was basically undriveable after that so
just finishing is a good result, and the team did everything they could to help us finish as high as
possible today – good strategy and great stops, but when you’re overtaken by being hit out of
the way it’s obviously not good.
“I had a clean start, staying ahead of Bianchi and passing Chilton into turn one. Heading down
towards the hairpin I avoided the debris from the Force India and was up to 15th under the safety
car. With the retirements that was soon 13th and then 12th and the car felt pretty good at that
“We stopped for the first time on lap 25 under the second safety car and went onto softs and
rejoined in 12th with Raikkonen and Bianchi behind me. Then, as we went into the chicane after
the tunnel, Bianchi hit me on the side and I had to cut through the chicane to avoid more
contact. I don’t really know why nothing was done about that as he basically just forced me out of
the way by hitting me which meant both the Marussia and my teammate could pass and after
that the car felt really bad. The impact had caused a lot of damage to the sidepod and the floor
and I lost a lot of rear downforce so from that point I was losing time without being able to do
anything about it.
“I managed to get the car home ahead of Chilton but with the way the race ended I think the
whole team feel like we lost out through no fault of our own. We need to keep our spirits up and
use this experience to make us even more determined to get ahead of our nearest rivals and we’ll
just keep pushing.”
#10 Marcus Ericsson
“For me that was good, even though the whole team is obviously disappointed about the way it
ended. It was an amazing experience finishing my first Monaco Grand Prix and the fact we’ve
equalled the team’s best ever finish today is great, it’s just a shame it didn’t mean more after the
fantastic job everyone did today.
“After starting from the pitlane I was pretty quickly up with the second Marussia when the safety
car came out. The balance was ok and I was in a good rhythm, ahead of Sutil and Grosjean for a
few laps but couldn’t do anything to hold back Sutil when he passed me in turn six.
“When the safety car came out again we stopped for the first time for a new set of supersofts and
I could really push. The whole second stint was good, as was the final one on the second set of
supersofts, giving me the chance to push to the flag. I held off Raikkonen for the last couple of
laps and finished 11th which, for me, is a pretty cool way to end Monaco.”

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