Driver Quotes: Spanish GP Practice



09 MAY 2014


#1 Sebastian Vettel

“We had a simple failure in one of the looms this morning, which caused a short and meant the car

stopped. We had to change the chassis loom, which is a big job so I wasn’t able to go out this

afternoon. It’s a small failure, but a big consequence; there was nothing new on that part of the car, it

was something new that happened in that area. Luckily it happened today (rather than tomorrow),

but unfortunately we lost the chance to prepare for Sunday with two cars, so I have to rely on what

Daniel did today and get into the rhythm straight away tomorrow.”

#3 Daniel Ricciardo

“It’s nice not to have gone backwards during the short break and I think we have shown

improvement; we want to close the gap to Mercedes but they don’t seem to be showing any signs

of slowing down! It’s not great that Seb wasn’t running, two cars means twice the amount of

feedback for the team and you don’t learn so much from one when you are trying new parts – but at

least we got some good data. The short runs and long runs were both okay today.”


#44 Lewis Hamilton

It’s been a great day today and I’m happy to be back in the car after what feels like quite a long

break. I can feel the positive step forward that we’ve made with the car so a big thank you to

everyone back at our factories for all of their hard work since China. Our two practice sessions today

went very smoothly, in fact I’ve not had such a good Friday for a very long time! Barcelona is a

difficult circuit in terms of the tyres so our running was all about trying to see how long the tyres

would last and we were able to make some positive changes with that during P2 this afternoon. It’s

very difficult to overtake here so we will do everything we can to qualify as high as possible

tomorrow, but really it is all about the race and looking after those tyres is the most important thing.

Just finally, it’s great to see so many fans here today enjoying the action in this beautiful weather.

#6 Nico Rosberg

The team have done a great job during the short break that we have had since China. We have

brought some new upgrade parts here to Barcelona this weekend and they are working quite well

on the car. It looks like we are very quick again, however personally I didn’t feel very comfortable in

the car today, especially as I had limited running in P1. We still have a lot of work to do tonight and I

will be working closely with my engineers to find my perfect set-up for the weekend.


#14 Fernando Alonso

“There wasn’t much grip on track today and in general, we struggled a bit more, which was down to

a series of factors, including the track being less rubbered-in than usual. On top of that, we have less

aerodynamic downforce than in the past and also in my opinion, the tyre choice here is too

conservative for this track. Now we face a lot of work to try and optimise the balance of the car and

get the most out of it, even if the circumstances are not that favourable to us. We must be cleverer

than the others in terms of making the changes we need and adapting to them in time for


#7 Kimi Raikkonen

“We had a particularly busy time on track today, trying to do as many laps as possible to complete

the planned programme over the two free practice sessions. In the morning, we tried various setups,

alternating between two different rear wings, while in the second session, we concentrated on

preparing for qualifying and the race and on analysing the behaviour of the two compounds Pirelli

has brought here. This evening, we will carefully analyse all the data gathered, to decide which

direction to go in.”


#8 Roman Grosjean

“Today was frustrating as we had quite a few small problems which made it difficult for me to get

clean runs and set a good time. This also made it difficult to get the set-up of the car where we want

it to be. The positive is that we can see there’s pace in the car from Pastor’s laps. If we can get

everything sorted and my car running like it should we could have a good result in qualifying


#13 Pastor Maldonado

“The car felt good today and it feels like we’re really making progress. We completed more set-up

work and it was great to have a day without any issues. With the programme we were running I

didn’t set my fastest laps when the track was quickest, so there’s more to come from the car as it is,

as well as from further set-up improvements. It’s great to be running in superb weather

conditions and with many Venezuelan fans in the crowd. I have a good feeling about this weekend.”


#22 Jenson Button

“In this afternoon’s warmer temperatures, it was harder for us to get the car working properly. When

you’re limited on downforce, the car seems to operate properly within a very narrow temperature


“This morning, I think we looked quicker than we actually were. We’re now trying to work on the

balance to improve our long-run pace a little more – and I think we can make the car a bit stronger

for tomorrow.

“There are a few upgrades on the car for this weekend that seem to have helped the balance, so

hopefully they’ll help us compete in the tight midfield group in which we find ourselves.

“A good result here would be for us to get everything out of our package – but it’s still too early to

say where that would put us.”

#20 Kevin Magnussen

“I like this circuit, and the car feels better here than it did in Shanghai, so hopefully we can have a

better weekend.

“I think our upgrades are working – they’re not going to completely change the world, but they’re a

small step in the right direction and we need to keep taking those small steps.

“If we get everything right this weekend, I think we can be fighting well in the midfield pack. That’s

obviously still not where we want to be, but it would represent a step forward from China.

“So I think we can be slightly encouraged by the improvements we’ve made. Anything that moves

us forward is good.”


#27 Nico Hulkenberg

“It was generally a positive day and we got all the information we wanted from the two sessions. We

still have some work to do to find some performance in the car as we have the potential to improve.

The track here in Barcelona is very challenging and it is going to be key to find some extra grip,

especially when working with the harder compound. Degradation is high here, last year was a fourstop

race and I expect the demands for the tyres to remain high this year as well.”

#11 Sergio Perez

“Today has been a fairly challenging day. Our race pace looks good but it will be crucial to qualify

well because overtaking is always difficult on this circuit. The compounds available for this weekend

are very hard and this creates some issues with getting the tyres to work as desired. We need to work

on this aspect with the engineers tonight and then we will be able to battle for a place in Q3, which

has to be our aim.”


#99 Adrian Sutil

“We definitely made a step forward today. In the morning it was not easy to evaluate things because

we had to solve some minor issues. However, I had a good feeling about the potential of our car, and

during the afternoon was able to witness this. My fast lap was ok, but I think we can improve in every

corner. If we can implement everything tomorrow, we certainly have a good chance to finish

tomorrow’s qualifying in the top ten. I am satisfied with today’s outcome. We still have a lot of work

ahead of us, but we are going in the right direction.”

#21 Esteban Gutierrez

“In total, it has been taking me some time to adapt to the track conditions and to the new package.

At the moment, I don’t feel very confident. I am not very happy with the car’s balance. We had some

issues with the power unit, so we lost quite a lot of time on track, which makes it more difficult to get

a proper feeling for the car. However, we will do our best to sort these things out. We have data from

Adrian’s car which will help us to analyse the differences between the cars and to find the right

balance for tomorrow.”


#25 Jean-Eric Vergne

“Not a bad Friday, even if we still have a lot of work to do and things to understand for tomorrow. A

certainly positive aspect is that we look pretty good on the long runs, so if we can manage to

improve overnight, things should look better for tomorrow.”

#26 Daniil Kvyat

“It was a productive Friday and I was quite happy with the balance. The car ran reliably on both the

option and prime tyre, so we were able to collect a lot of useful data which we will study tonight. I

have a good feeling and I hope we can come out strong in Qualifying tomorrow.”


#19 Felipe Massa

« It has been a good day today with all upgrades working and improving performance as we had

expected. It’s hard to see who we will be fighting with come the race as all the teams have made a

step forward. There are still some rear grip issues, it has improved since the start of the season, but

we are not there yet. The medium is the best tyre for the weekend as we were struggling for grip on

the hard tyre, as is everyone else. It’s always good to see upgrades working as they have all done

which is once again impressive. »

#77 Valtteri Bottas

« We have had a positive day as the upgrades we brought here have worked as expected, but it’s

hard to say where we are in comparison to other teams. We will see tomorrow. The rear of the car

was a bit snappy at the end of Turn 3 and this was made worse by the tailwind, the grip was also

hard to handle in this corner. I didn’t have all the updates as Felipe was testing them for comparison,

so I’m feeling positive knowing my car will be faster tomorrow. »


#17 Jules Bianchi

“I think we have shown that we have made a good initial step with our updates today. It is never the

case that you get everything from them immediately, so there is still plenty of work to do to

understand how well they are working and where we can improve. With Max running the previous

specification today we will have some interesting information to look through this evening. In simple

terms we are closer to the cars ahead and keeping the Caterhams behind us, which is good.”

#4 Max Chilton

“It hasn’t been an entirely straightforward day for me today and that can be frustrating when we

have so many important boxes to tick. The primary focus today was achieving a good comparison

between the two different aero specifications. We made good progress this morning so I was able to

make use of the developments myself this afternoon. We lost a bit of time early in FP2 because of an

engine problem and the afternoon was a little bit stop-start generally. I’m looking forward to

evaluating what the new developments can bring. ”


#9 Kamui Kobayashi

“That was a tough day for us, with lack of grip stopping us get anything good out of the car in either

session. We used most of FP1 for aero evaluations, looking at the new parts we’ve brought here and

also starting work on the setup options we have for the weekend ahead, but with the grip issue I

really couldn’t put a clean lap together in the whole session.

“It was the same in FP2. The track was a lot hotter than FP1 and it seemed to make the rear worse,

but overall I couldn’t find a decent laptime on any of the runs. We obviously have a lot of work ahead

of us tonight to find a setup direction that will allow us to get back to the performance levels we’re

targeting, but we’ve had a few Fridays like this so far this year and we’ve always come back fighting

on Saturday so I know we can be better tomorrow.”

#10 Marcus Ericsson

“Like Kamui, for me the low grip levels in both FP1 and FP2 dominated both sessions. I couldn’t really

push at all because for most of the day the car was switching from oversteer to understeer the whole

way round the lap – to be honest it was a bit like driving on ice which is not what we want!

“For FP2 we made several changes but still had the same issue with grip. The traction levels were

also very low and it was difficult applying the power, especially with the car moving around as much

as it was. With all of this going on I didn’t have a chance to put in a clean quick lap on the mediums,

so the final times today are pretty meaningless for us and I’m sure we’ll bounce back tomorrow. Even

with the handling issues today we’ve still completed a good amount laps so we have a lot of data to

work through and we’ll get back to where we want to be.”


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