Drivers defend Ferrari; against Mosley politics

F1 drivers have sounded off on their opinion of Max Mosley’s terse words concerning Ferrari and their inclusion in F1. Mr. Mosley suggested that F1 would be fine without Ferrari should they be unable to accept the two-tier budget cap system imposed for 2010 by the FIA. That sentiment has been met with mush disdain amongst fans of Ferrari and F1 as a whole. Not surprisingly the drivers in F1 feel the same because ultimately they are fans of the sport as well and know the magnitude that Ferrari has on F1.

“Without Ferrari it’s not formula one anymore,” said Giancarlo Fisichella.

Fernando Alonso said that F1 without Ferrari is “impossible”.

Lewis Hamilton said he “couldn’t imagine it”.

“It was a bit strange hearing that from him,” said BMW’s Nick Heidfeld, “because I thought people were looking and listening to fans worldwide. And Ferrari obviously is the biggest name in F1 with the main supporters.”

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa said he didn’t want to put himself “in the middle” of the political debate but did suggest that the sport had become too political saying, “It would be nice to have a better sport, you know, Less political and more sport is all I can say.”

Rubens Barrichello, former Ferrari pilot, said that responding to Mosley’s words was too “polemic”.

Mark Webber, as usual, shined the available light on the situation by explaining his concern for the two-tier system this way; “To have two different regulations, for me as a driver, that’s not attractive at all,” said the Red Bull driver. “I want the guy at the other end of the tennis court to have the same raquet as me, basically.”

It is nice to see the drivers take a stand that is unified with FOTA in this respect and also admit that Ferrari’s position in F1 warrants respect and admiration irrespective of how you feel about them. As does McLaren’s.

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