DTM targets U.S. series in 2013, including NASCAR tie-in


My brain is spinning faster than Coors Light rushes out of a beer bong.

DTM is planning to come to the United States in 2013, running 12 races that would constitute a U.S. championship. Half would be with Grand-Am.

And half would be with NASCAR.

There goes my brain again.

Here are some details, via Autosport. The DTM website doesn’t have anything yet (although it is touting BMW’s return to the series beginning in 2012).

ITR boss Hans Werner Aufrecht told AUTOSPORT: “In America, we are working with the NASCAR organisation. Beginning in 2013, we hope to have a championship with 12 races in the United States.

“They will be six with Grand-Am and six with NASCAR events, for a standalone championship in America. I believe this is very, very good for the future of motorsport in the United States.”

Aufrecht confirmed that the planned races would be exclusively for next-generation DTM cars, rather than running as a class in another series in America.

The series also is looking toward Asia, with a deal in the works to run in Japan.

As my spinning brain settles down, here are the questions I can grab out of the mush:

1. What’s it mean for ALMS?
2. Good move for Grand-Am?

OK, that last one isn’t a real question. Let’s try again.

3. How might this work for NASCAR? Would they run when NASCAR is at road courses? Anyone think it might show the weaknesses of NASCAR?
4. How does this compete, if at all, with the USGP? (More so in terms of NASCAR using it to answer the threat than DTM vs. F1.)
5. Should I take a Tylenol?

OK, folks, any answers? More questions? Anyone with real knowledge of DTM (first-hand) want to comment?

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