Dutch GP banking won’t be US GP 2005

Zandvoort 5 juni 2016. Familie Racedag driven by Max Verstappen op het circuit van Zandvoort. Foto Chris Schotanus

On one end of the news regarding banked corners for the Dutch Grand Prix, there was excitement and intrigue and on the other end, concern and logistical confusion as to how it would work. The last banking F1 had didn’t go so well.

The updated Zandvoort circuit is to have banking on three of its turns (Tarzanbocht, Hugenholtzbocht and Arie Luyendykbocht). The concern that was immediately brought up by fans was the impact banked corners had on Formula 1 in the recent past…namely, the USGP in 2005 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The event sporting director, Jan Lammers, said:

“I don’t expect any issues with the tires,” said Lammers. “There are two reasons for that.

“First of all, the corner in Indianapolis is way longer than this one. So the overall tyre load was much heavier there. And second, the corners in Indianapolis have some kind of linear banking. Over here we have a progressive banking, almost comparable to a bobsleigh track.

“We talked to Pirelli as well. Basically from the first moment we thought of creating a banked corner in Zandvoort. We speak to them on a daily basis and share all the updates and information we have.”

The banked turns will certainly ask a lot of the Pirelli tires with respect to loads and air pressures. Pirelli have commented about the situation and those comments seemed less descriptive about any daily communication regarding the banked turns.

Pirelli has said their only solution at the moment is more air pressure. That doesn’t sound like a manufacture who is in constant contact with circuit developers. One of the bigger issues back in 2005 which is different in 2020 is that the series has one supplier, Pirelli, and they can bring the appropriate tires for this track.

Back in 2005, you had two tires manufacturers at war with each other trying to bring the grippiest tires possible and Micheline missed the mark at Indy.

Hat Tip: Motorsport

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