Dutch GP Review | Podcast Ep 799

Join Paul and me as we review the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix. We cover each team as they finished, discuss Mercedes and their strategy with Lewis and George, Ferrari’s woes and even answer a lot of listener mail.

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Louis Jansen

Who does through an orange flair on the track? That must be an absolute idiot! Well actually it was a security guy hired by the circuit! Afterwards the circuit officials said that he just made a small error of judgement and should have extinguished the flair in the sand behind the tribune. But hey, mistakes are easily made…. See linked YT film:

The International

thats crazy

Mark Kay

Hi Guys
F1 Grand Prix race length has nothing to do with fuel as Paul stated.
It is rather determined at every event as the lap that takes the length over 300km +1 lap.


Exactly. Only exception is (as with many things) Monaco, because they would not make that distance within 2h around that track … I believe there it is 260km?

Leendert Vrolijk

Hey Mark,
Almost right, in the rules it is stated as:

Sprint race: the least number of complete laps which exceed 100km or 1 hour
Race: the least number of complete laps which exceed 305km or 2 hours
Exeption is the monaco race where the race is capped at 260km

Source: Fia 2022 sporting regulations section 5.3 and 5.4