Dutch GP Review | The Parc Fermé F1 Podcast Ep 748

Join Paul and me as we review the FIA Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix from Zandvoort. We cover Max Verstappen’s win and each team and driver as they finished.

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Enjoyed the podcast, as always. Todd, thank you for your nice words! As a Dutchman, it did make me very proud to see how well the event was organized, and it’s nice that this did not go unnoticed.


I apologize on behalf of my fellow countryman! And I appreciate you did not let this encounter cloud your image of our country. We do have some absolute nutcases over here, and I must admit I was a little afraid we would see hooligan behaviour towards Lewis but luckily the crowd seemed to remain pretty civilized and respectful. Also Lewis took it in stride, seeing it as passionate sports fans. Although I think he was never going to say anything negative about either the event, Max, or the public in fear of not leaving there alive 


It is alwasy interesting to hear the strength of knowledge you both have, one as a devoted afficianado and one as a proracer, perspectives which allow a better understanding for us all. Sometimes, perhaps you could touch on the regulation changes coming vis-a-vis how the last race was run/strategized – prepare us for what’s coming, if you could.