EAG Create and TPF reward our Patreon supporters

Ethan Gibson of EAG Create reached out to me with an incredibly kind offer for one lucky Patreon supporter of The Parc Fermé.

As it turns out, Ethan is an artist and has a growing business in the motorsport art world. His intent was to “Capture the speed, elegance, and thrill of Formula 1 in your living room. EAG Create is an Online Art Store, with specially curated motorsport pieces of high quality art.”

It all starts for Ethan in Italy:

“I grew up in the US but my family is Italian. When I was 14 I went to my grandparents 50th anniversary in Italy. It was right around the time of a Grand Prix and at the reception everyone was glued to the TV as they watched Schumacher in the Ferrari.” Ethan said.

“There was a buzz in the air I’ll never forget. I took a liking to it and over the years really became a huge fan of Ferrari and Formula 1 in general. I’ve been an artist for most of my life and eventually my passions crossed paths. I started painting Formula stuff against my wife’s wishes.”

In case you were wondering, Ethan is also a fan of The Parc Fermé Podcast as well, “I’ve listened to your show since about 2014, and it’s been great.”

Ethan reached out to offer a signed original painting for one of our Patreon supporters. So we had a drawing and picked from the magical TPF sorting hat and I am elated to announce that the winner is:

Illya Eliades (aka, jiji the cat…who is one of our fantastic Patreon supporters in The Great Southern Land down under…you know how we love our Aussie friends!).

If you’d like some fantastic motorsport art for your office, home or as a gift for that motorsport fan in your life, check out Ethan’s work here. He also does commissioned artwork so if you have that perfect image of Lewis Hamilton that you want for your living room or a nice portrait of Teo Fabi for your office, and who doesn’t, then Ethan is your guy! Heck, I might have him do a portrait of my favorite sporing manager, Paul Charsley, for my office. ;)

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Xean Drury

Wow!!! That is so cool! Congratulations to jiji the cat and kudos to Ethan on the amazing artwork! ~X8

Ethan Gibson

Thanks! I appreciate it and it’s my honor to be able to help the community. TPF, thanks!

jiji the cat

Ethan, thank you, thank you, thank you. When NC first reached out and gave the news first thoughts where ok, thats cool. But then i wnetto your website and saw your work i was gobsmacked. you are very talented, and im blown away by your generosity and skills.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, i just cant say it enough.

Ethan Gibson

I’m so glad you’re receiving this! I will be shipping it out next week and will update you! TPF is such a great community!