Eastern Creek temptation?

There is still a lot of talk about a night race in Australia after Bernie Ecclestone shared his desire for European-friendly time slot to watch a Grand Prix.We’ve argued that it’s the least he could do for them as he is canceling races in Europe in favor of Panasian and Middle East locations. The Australian race is still on the schedule for now but that hasn’t stopped other opportunistic businessmen in the Great Southern Land to see a way to lure Mr. Ecclestone.

While I have grown to enjoy to 12AM races here in the states, this running endeavor for night races has raised the protestations of many people. Arguments from “novelty’ to “exploitation” have been offered but in the end game, this is a business and profit is needed to maintain the show. Could Australia lure the F1 circus to the Eastern Creek circuit and host a night race for those fussy Europeans who are losing races faster than they can ban Red Bull? Would Mr. E be tempted by the smell of new asphalt, the shimmering plastic of new press booth data jacks and the haunting high tech gaze of self-flushing toilets?

Allan Moffat, a board member of the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club, thinks the redesign planned for Eastern Creek may just put them in contention for the race. It’s simple, Oz is steeped with brilliant blokes who know how to promote something. For crying out loud I almost felt it was illegal not to vacation in Australia after Paul said he had a shrimp waiting for me. figure it out boys and get back to us when you have a race. As a person on the other side of the world, it isn’t going to be a good time for us anyway so let fly!

“Bernie Ecclestone will get sick of Melbourne’s refusal to host a night race,” Moffat told the Australian Daily Telegraph.

“We would be in a position to take advantage. It would cost three times as much to develop a suitable facility on virgin land. We have the basis for it right here in the middle of Blacktown, Australia’s fastest growing area.”

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