Ecclestone: A breakaway series could happen

Bernie Ecclestone

Just days after Bernie Ecclestone rubbished talk about a breakaway series; he has reversed his position and shared some very interesting insight with The Times’ Ed Gorman who has written a very nice piece here (nice job Ed, I enjoy your work).Now as many have wondered what Bernie’s position on this is; I think it would be prudent to recall the alleged June 16th ultimatum rumored by the German press int he most recent letter Bernie penned to FIA member clubs downplaying a breakaway series. That date has come and gone and apparently Max is not taking calls from Bernie. There are many nuances in Ed’s story and I will let you read them there as they should get full credit for an excellent job of journalism. But after reading, please come back here and share your thoughts.

I think Bernie is navigating some political waters with precision and intent. He is going to use the weakened political position of Max, post sex scandal, to leverage what the FOM and teams want and I can’t really blame him. the FIA have been warned that Max’s position, or remaining in position, would be viewed as base and weak from a bargaining stance. The FIA chose to become Max’s personal military junta in light of the Vot of Confidence outcome and they will pay the price if Bernie has anything to say about it…which, come to think of it, he does.

The teams also are going to leverage their power in these negotiations and Bernie has done a terrific job of aligning himself with the teams, sponsors, commercial rights holders and manufacturer’s. He represents the money and Max is left representing a weak Presidency, lack of credibility, wounded reputation and an organization which is now viewed as a shill for Max.

Many have reasons for moving but Bernie moves to keep thing whole. I have always liked Mr. Ecclestone, warts and all, because he is a consummate pro at what he does. He will wring the v3ery lifeblood out of Max and the FIA at this point in time with the full endorsement of the teams, manufacturer’s, sponsors and commercial rights holders. The FIA should move quickly and probably without Max to solve this immediately or they can kiss their involvement with F1 bye bye. Reducing their annual revenue by 30 million pounds a year and losing ADAC and other large motoring clubs will make this organization as useless as many of the other European groups out there.

PS- Bernie, or Mr. Ecclestone as I am not on familiar terms with you, please keep this in mind. Squeeze Max, make the right agreement but please keep the fans in mind as you execute the scorched earth policy. ;) I knew there was a reason you trade marked the GP2 and GP series names. You sly dog you! ;)

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