Ecclestone- Alonso ‘gave up’ mid season

According to the young, bright and highly successful folks at AUTOSPORT, Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has slated Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso for giving up mid-season.

Apparently Mr. Ecclestone wrote a forward for the 2013 season review and said:

“I’ve been a little disappointed in Fernando, because I’m a big supporter of him and Ferrari,” Ecclestone wrote in a foreword to the official Formula 1 season review.

“I thought he gave up a little bit, which is proof he was looking for another team.”

Ferrari’s relationship with Alonso seemed to get a little touchy around the same time period as Ecclestone mentions and even president Luca di Montzemolo has stated he rates Alonso and 8 out of 10 this year. I’d like to know how Alonso rates the F138 chassis provided to him to challenge Red Bull’s RB9 in the hands of Sebastian Vettel.

Ecclestone does suggest that Ferrari need to provide a winning car and even takes a slight jab at the Scuderia which you can read here at AUTOSPORT.

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