Ecclestone backs Todt for FIA president


F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has officially backed former Ferrari boss Jean Todt for FIA president. This comes just a few days after Max Mosely accused Todt’s rival for presidency, Ari Vatanen, of effectively not knowing anything.

So here we have Max Mosely and Bernie Ecclestone endorsing Jean Todt for the presidency. Is there any more compelling reason why Jean Todt shouldn’t be elected with the endorsement of the two men who have allowed the sport to sink to the lows that it has recently aspired to?

When Mosley and Ecclestone agree on something, it usually gets done in F1 and that’s the more concerning issue at hand. Also keep in mind that FOTA has had very good relations with Vatanen and while no one is saying it publicly, it is whispered that FOTA prefers Vatanen for the role.

This also plays in to why Mosley and Ecclestone may not be too excited to see Vatanen as president as FOTA seems to think he is a person they can work with. They don’t want FOTA having any stronger foothold than they already do and a sympathetic FIA president would not bode well for Ecclestone/CVC’s position.

But as Autosport points out, Todt met with FOTA this week in Singapore and perhaps that meeting will bear some fruit and see a relaxd o supportive position from FOTA. We’ll have to wait and see.

check out the story from Autsport.

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