Ecclestone: Brawn is massive conflict of interest?

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Although I like Ed Gorman and think he does a great job (in the face of his detractors) I will say that the bloke has serious issues with replying to my emails. I have chalked that up to him being out of town so much actually getting paid to do what he loves while I actually spend money to do the same thing…not the same as in “quality reporting” mind you; Ed has me there. Nevertheless, I will pimp Ed’s work because let’s face it, Ed writes this stuff for a reason and who am I to ignore it or not promote it since I am a fan of his? Email replies withstanding of course.

Apparently Bernard Ecclestone had lunch with Ed, probably why he won’t return emails to bottom-feeders like me with friends as high as Bernie, and he got the opportunity to ask Bernie about his divorce as well as F1. It seems everyone has noticed that the Slavica departure and divorce has taken a toll on the vertically challenged boss of F1 (or as an online nickname generator calls him; “Biggie Shady”).

While speaking of Slavica’s compassion for his lifestyle and the billions in her name, Bernie also took the opportunity to share something with Ed:

“Can I put something in your mind,” Ecclestone starts innocently. “Ross Brawn is the guy that runs the teams’ technical committee and probably knows what’s going to happen before other people, or is in a position to guide things. There’s a massive conflict of interest.”

What the?? So the Honda money won’t be given to BRawn GP, as Flavio was ranting about earlier, and now the participation in the Technical Working Group by Ross Brawn is also an issue, as Flavio was ranting about earlier? Is it me or does Flavio seem to have a direct line to Bernie’s brain? I knew it!! Flavio was really running this thing all along. Who knew?

Nice work Ed; call me sometime…we’ll do lunch.


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