Ecclestone: Button should sit 2009 out

apparently you never know when a comment from Bernie Ecclestone can be forthcoming and like the comments themselves, one might be confused. The latest backhanded compliment is that Jenson Button, fresh from signing a new 3-year-deal with now defunct Honda F1, should sit out the 2009 season in hopes for a better ride next year. Bernie, some 2-3 weeks ago, was just glowing on how competitive the Honda team were going to be for 2009 but now they aren’t worthy or competitive enough for Jenson to take a chance on.

Bernie, you’re starting to really contradict your own position lately. Please keep your comments straight, you’ve done this with mounting frequency this year. Even i am getting confused on your position and when you have every position on a subject, you have no position at all and lose relevancy.

“He should be in any of the top teams,” Ecclestone told the Daily Telegraph. “I’d rather see him wait to get a seat in one of those than race in an uncompetitive car.”

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