Ecclestone defends Vettel, Horner defends Webber

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says he thinks the issue over Sebastian Vettel’s pass on Mark Webber in Malaysia is much ado about nothing.

“If I was Sebastian Vettel, having won three World Championships for the team and somebody came on the radio and started giving me instructions, I’d probably do exactly the same as Kimi Raikkonen did when he came back and they gave him some instructions. I’d say, ‘I know what I’m doing’.”

This echoes my sentiment that if it were Kimi Raikkonen making the pass on his teammate, the world would laugh in wonderment at the enigma that is Kimi. As it is, the world can’t seem to come to grips with the pass Vettel made and many have taken to Twitter and other forums to slate the 3-time champion with vitriol and demands for some kind of punishment and a ban on team orders. Whew!

What Does Mr. E think about a punishment?

“I don’t think I’d give that any consideration. I’d say to Sebastian, ‘In future don’t make me look an idiot’,” Ecclestone added.

“But they (Red Bull) don’t care who wins. They want to win the Championship. For them what difference does it make?”

In the end, Red Bull boss Christian Horner says he thinks Webber will see out his contract:

“It was the intent of the team for Mark to win the race. It wasn’t that we suddenly gave Sebastian the instruction to ‘go and pass your team-mate’.

“He is big enough to know there was no malice and no intent to create any situation like that. He is in a car capable of winning grands prix and hopefully winning World Championships.

I ask myself…why wouldn’t he? If I’ve learned anything about Mark Webber over the years, it’s that he’s a pretty tough guy and a straight shooter. If the entire world know he was supposed to win, then what does it matter? Sure, Seb took the low road and it cost him a victory. Sure, if the championship comes own to a few points and Webber loses it due to this pass, the whole world will know. It would not be optimum but it is a tough world in F1. Prost and Senna knew that too.

Mark is in the best car and has a great job and lots of cash and if he can work against the odds and claim a title, this move should give him passion and resolve to prove everyone wrong. Don’t let it become a stumbling block, the team weren’t against Mark, they tried to manage his victory so tell Dr. Marko to sit down and get on with it Mark!

We don’t need to re-create 50’s paranoia and Cold War anxiety levels here folks.

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