Ecclestone doing damage control?

Bernie Ecclestone was apparently on Montreal radio this week trying to quell the anger of Canadian fans after removing the Formula 1 race from the 2009 Calendar. the reasons, as rumored to have been leaked tot he press by the Canadian Grand Prix organizers, was over money and the amount Bernie was asking for the race. When the details were leaked, Canadian fans were outraged and claimed Bernie’s requests were unreasonable. Bernie said:

“Unreasonable compared to what?” he said.

“We do business worldwide and nobody else thinks we’re unreasonable. We’ve got a queue of people that want races. So we can’t be unreasonable.”

When asked if the door was open for the return of the Canadian Grand Prix, Bernie said:

“Everyone in Formula One loves Montreal,”

“I said (to organisers) you can come to my office, pull any contract out of that drawer for all the overseas races, take any one of them, cross out the name and put your name, and that’s what we’ll do.”

“Because what was offered them was less than we get anywhere else in the world,”

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