Ecclestone: drop budget cap

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Apparently Bernie Ecclestone told BBC radio (according to GMM) that e thinks the FIA should ddrop the budget cap as long as the teams agree to be int he series for five years. This has a been a sticking point from the FIA/FOM position that the teams agree to stay in series and avoid another Honda pull-out that rocked F1 last winter. Max is very ardent in his position on this. Apparently Bernie’s first attempt at quelling the riot is to drop the budget cap but will that be enough? The teams are also keen on a new Concorde Agreement that will see the reestablishment of the F1 commission in which they have a say in the regulations of the sport. In fact, I get the strong impression they would like the FIA and Max Mosely gone.

Bernie said:

“I say, provided they confirm they will be in the championship for five years, they can spend what they like,” “I have some sympathy for the teams. Nobody wants to be told how they can spend their money,”


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