Ecclestone: F1 has ‘too many rules’

As American businessman Gene Haas continues to prepare for the 2016 Formula 1 season, rumors in the paddock suggest that some current teams may not see the dawning of the 2016 season due to financial struggles.

These rumors come on the back of the recent cost-cutting decisions that left some teams a tad critical as to the lack of sweeping changes they were looking for.

If you were to ask F1 boss Bernie Eccletsone—which is exactly what AUTOSPORT did—about the situation, he would say that having fewer teams on the grid is just fine.

“They should not be in the game. You should not be in this business if you cannot afford it.”

As for Ecclestone, he’s more interested in the regulations and stewarding of F1 at the moment even citing this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix as an example of what has been alleged as a nanny state in F1 saying:

“We have too many rules that are not necessary,” said Ecclestone.

“When a driver crosses a white line he will be punished. That’s wrong.

“Drivers are racers and they want to go racing, so let them do so.

“The stewards should be locked in their room [during the race] and take a look into any infringements after the race, not during the competition.”

Recent conversation amongst F1 fans has been focused on the balance between safety with run-off areas that do not penalize drivers for taking full advantage of the circuit’s safety features to their advantage by running wide etc.

Inevitably the guest steward program has been a good addition to F1. The intent was to get an actual driver’s perspective to each race. Like all good ideas, good intentions can sometimes start to fester in that some stewards feel that getting the call to participate means they need to make their mark on the race in order to be seen as bringing something to the race weekend.

Perhaps a re-think over race stewarding and certainly the regulations that are moving F1 into directions that are less palatable to fans should be the focus and with the lack of sweeping cost-cutting regulations, this may be the direction F1 is looking at for 2015.

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