Ecclestone getting a divorce?

Bernie Ecclestone
The Telegraph reports that Slavica Ecclestone moved out of the marital home and into another estate over the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend furthering rumors of a pending divorce.Hopefully those rumors are unfounded but should they be true, this will leave more ‘guy’ time for Bernie to hang out with Ron Dennis at the pub and talk about their business plans…which are actually simple, single sentence business statements: World domination!

If you are listening Bernie, I hope these rumors aren’t true and that you and Slavica are doing just fine. If you’re not, we will all be wondering about the division of assets and would Slavica be the new boss of F1? I;m kidding of course but let’s face it, she’s an attractive woman and could possibly spruce the series up with increased sponsor interest and perhaps redeem a bit of the image after Max’s testosterone-charged degradation of women. ;) Girl power Slavica…it’s all about girl power.

As I said, hopefully all just rumors.

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