Ecclestone: New scoring system definate for 2010

As the British call him; Ber-nerd Ecclestone has again launched into a PR campaign for the Winner-takes-all scoring format that was scuttled by FOTA this week. After Max Mosley, FIA President and resident Spankologist, rushed the initiative through using his patented World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) or Kangaroo Court more to the point, FOTA challenged the decision based upon the its errant nature as applied to the FIA’s own regulations.

But not to be outmaneuvered, Mr. Ecclestone has a penchant for saying things are just going to be done. The dictatorial nature of his politics suggest that all the machinations, actions and proceedings of the FIA are pointless. What Bernie wants trumps whatever process Max has to initiate regulation changes. In fact the only reason, it appears, that an FIA process exists is to legally stick the dismount and force the teams to obey the regulations according the Concorde Agreement by-laws. The process is plainly one sided and Bernie planned it this way. This years FOTA / FIA conflict is exposing just how in-the-pocket Max is for Bernie. for the last several years they have done a fairly decent job of trying to appear nonplussed with each other but that is their ruse de guerre.

Autosport reporting on 5 Live interview:

“It will be (introduced) next year,” Ecclestone told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“It will be supported by the FIA and it will be in the regulations. So when people enter the championship, that’s what the regulation will be.”

He is convinced that the new system will improve Formula 1’s spectacle.

“It’s logic – you go to the athletics and you look at the 100 metres, you’re not looking at the guy that’s second, you’re looking at the winner,” said Ecclestone. “In most sports people are looking at winners.

“To make any changes when the entries have closed you have to get the unanimous agreement of all the people that have entered. It would appear that some of the teams don’t like the idea.

“The whole idea was nothing to do with winning the world championship, the idea was to make sure people raced to win in every race, not to be second or third and collect points.”

He added that he also had no doubts that the FIA’s budget cap rule would go ahead in 2010 either.

“It is set at £30 million, it’s not (a question) of if it’s going to be – it is,” he said.

Ecclestone reckons the cap will lead to an influx of new entrants.

“I’m hoping we can get 26 cars, that’s how it used to be,” he said. “I think one of the engine manufacturers has got four orders already. The thing that disturbs me a bit is that there will have to be pre-qualifying.”

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