Ecclestone: No two-tier system for F1

Offering a two-tier system with one being heavily capped budgets and the other a heavily regulated, unlimited budget is hardly an offer but Mr. Ecclestone suggests that that goofy unlimited budget with massive penalties was silly. Now he says we can all be happy because we’re doing away with the two-tier system so everyone can now get on board the budget cap system. Uh…excuse me; how about no! What part of budget cap don’t you understand? The teams don’t want a cap and don’t want strict regulations to prevent them from running faster than capped teams. Nice ploy Bernie but those twisting words tactics got old during the Presidential elections of the 1990’s.

“I think the most important thing that upset everybody, they didn’t like, was this two-tier technical system, so I think it has been agreed that we shouldn’t have that. We should have just one set of regulations,” he said to the BBC.

“I think everybody is more or less happy with the budget cap. Just how much. They’ll go with it higher [than £40 million], maybe it’ll be lower. It’s a case of just sorting it out.

“Everyone will be under the same regulations.”
Ecclestone shared his own opinion on the proposed system..

“I always thought that was a bit stupid,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. “It was important to get rid of it.” And what about the teams leaving? “I am confident all the teams will still be racing next year,” said Ecclestone.

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