Ecclestone Offered pre-vote Warning

In an 11th-hour warning prior to voting, Mr. Ecclestone offered a warning that Max Mosley would not step down in 2009 but would run again for the position.I have to applaud the move as Mr. E has stated very clearly that Max is a liability to his F1 empire as well as the FIA.  I agree.

Bernie Ecclestone has issued an eleventh hour warning, as FiA members meet in Paris on Tuesday to vote on the fate of the governing body’s embattled president Max Mosley.

Although Mosley, 68, has previously promised to step down late next year if he survives the confidence motion, Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone, Mosley’s former ally of 40 years, cautioned that the scandal gripped Briton should not be trusted.

“The problem is, if he stays until 2009, he will run again,” the 77-year-old told the Times.

“I am 100 per cent certain about that; no, one million per cent certain.”

He suggested that Mosley’s priority in the sex scandal has been to survive, rather than needing to worry about the commercial implications for the sport.

“Max doesn’t care, he’s not commercial, he hasn’t got one single dollar invested, so he doesn’t give a stuff,” Bernie insisted.

Ecclestone’s suggestion that Mosley lied about promising to step down next year was instantly rebuked by Mosley’s stalwart FiA ally, director of publicity Richard Woods.

“The president has made his position very clear about stepping down in October next year, he’s going to step down next year,” he stated.

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