Ecclestone overseeing Honda F1 sale

Bernie Ecclestone
Mr. Ecclestone has announced that he is helping with the sale of the Brackley-based F1 team which has a Honda-set deadline of the end of January.

With the Japanese carmaker’s end-of-month deadline for a rescue deal looming, the F1 chief executive told Sport Bild that he is looking over those who are bidding for the Brackley based outfit.

“I am helping with the rescue of the team,” he confirmed to the German magazine. “I am playing the role of mediator.”

Let me read between the lines here for a minute…”I am playing the role of mediator.” That means it will get done.

Bernie may have to slap Nick Fry around a little bit and threaten to bleed the prophecy juice from the Magic 8-Ball but it will get done.

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