Ecclestone: Race bans possbile for McLaren

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Bernie Ecclestone, F1’s commercial boss, suggests that McLaren could face potential race bans as punishment for their part in the lying scandal that rocked the Australian Grand Prix. This is compounded by McLaren’s recent spate of trouble in 2007 for similar reasons.

“It is never good for anyone if you are back in court quickly for something similar,” the F1 chief executive said.

The FIA body has essentially unlimited powers: from race bans, total exclusion from the championship, to draconian financial penalties, like the $100m fine levied against McLaren in 2007 for spying.

Ecclestone admitted that McLaren figures lying to the stewards to have Jarno Trulli penalised amounted to “fraud”.

“There are many options open if the charge sticks and it would be a terrible thing if any team were banned from races. But it could happen,” he said.


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