Ecclestone says FIA will be fair

Bernie Ecclestone has commented on the FIA’s possible punishment of the McLaren team for their role in the lying scandal that marred the Australian Grand Prix. The comments come on the heels of a statement by Mercedes and Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche in which he shared his concern over punishment that would be overreaching in its scope. He suggested that if it were too egregious, Mercedes would reconsider its involvement in F1.

That has many in the F1 world concerned that the FIA is really making more of the issue than it really warrants. Continuing to punish a team that has already been punished with its removal from the Australian race points seems to be over the top. As the FIA has sought to exonerate Lewis Hamilton of any wrong doing in the matter; it would also be antithetical to the main goal of allowing Lewis to continue forward unscathed by the event should a race ban be leveraged against the team. To those ends, Bernie has commented on the statement made by the Mercedes boss:

“I am absolutely positive that Mercedes would like to look upon this as fair for everybody and, if there is any punishment to be meted out, it will be fair and I am sure they would support that,” Ecclestone explained to the Times.

“I don’t think they would decide to leave Formula One because somebody had done something wrong and been punished. I think they will be very fair,”.

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