Ecclestone says Indian Grand Prix will happen

F1 boss Bernard Ecclestone says that a Grand Prix in India will happen in 2011.

Asked in a BBC interview whether the event was still going ahead, after the announcement last year that it would be delayed from 2010 to 2011, he said: “Of course, otherwise we wouldn´t have entered into an agreement with them.”

The Indian side was “fully committed and we are too,” he said, blaming the delay on the calendar of global sporting events and because “we have got one or two contracts we have to fulfil.”

The BBC reported that the land had not yet been bought for the track on the outskirts of New Delhi, but it was expected to be resolved in April.

India´s ambitious F1 plans were first unveiled in June 2007 when the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) said it had received a letter from Ecclestone allowing the country to host a race.

The deal was subject to meeting certain conditions, like building a track. Millions of Indians watch F1 on television, often with the same passion they reserve for the country´s most popular sport, cricket.

“It´s a large, large country with a big population and it´s good for the sponsors, good for the car manufacturers and its good for everyone involved in Formula One to be in their country,” Ecclestone said.

He added: “I doubt in India anything will be a rival to cricket, but let´s see.”

Let me try and read between the lines here folks…”we have got one or two contracts we have to fulfill.” means that some poor sucker who is currently hosting a Grand Prix is about to lose it. Well he won’t have Canada and America to push around and make room for India. Poor Europe…I feel sorry for all of you over there. One or two more “deals” from Bernie and you’ll have no races left.

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