Ecclestone Says Indy Isn’t Promoted


In an interview with Reuters, Mr. Ecclestone says that they are working on extending the USGP at Indy but that the organizers ahve done little to promote it. He even suggested that when F1 comes there; all they see is Indy 500 banners. Now this may sound crass and as I am not a fan of the Indy track at all; I think I agree with him. The USGP should be something dedicated to the fabulous sport loved by millions and not a race riding on the coat tails of the Indy 500 (which is running on memories because no one really cares about the IRL series anymore).

I think the USGP should be building its own history. Long Beach was nice and it still remains the most successful race for CHAMP series. I think the F1 boys would appreciate somewhere a little more cosmopolitan and less “heartland” to be honjest. I mean we are talking about European elite’s here and heaven forbid we show them a combine or roasted turkey leg with a nice cold Coors.

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